Explore the excellent mountain biking trails around Plettenberg Bay during the three-day stage race, Dr Evil Classic.
The signature event of Dr Evil himself, the Dr Evil Classic consists of three very different days of riding and three unique race villages. The race starts from the quaint village of Wittedrift, taking riders through magnificent farmlands and game farms combining both single and jeep track and finishing at Kay and Monty Vineyards in the Plett Winelands.
Day two sees riders enjoying this 220 hectare estate with beautiful views of the Tsitsikamma Mountains and finishing up at Cairnbrogie Dairy Farm, followed by a final day of coastal views, fynbos as well as some superb single track action.



LIFE… with Elsa Why It’s Important to know yourself

1. Make Decisions More Easily
When you completely ‘know’ yourself, you are able to discern what is beneficial to your character and what is not. This is then something that you can determine BEFORE you allow certain things in your life. How many of us made choices in the past that ended up being disasters and at the moment of the decision we were uncertain. To ‘know’ yourself does not by ANY means say you will never make mistakes, but you will certainly be able to approach them differently. This leads to only making a mistake once and then learning from it. Making choices become easy because you are able to focus on the things that you really want and know how to get it. Things become clear, clarity your comfort and peace your compass

2. Access What You Want In Your Life
Our mind is the MOST powerful tool we will EVER own, and yet we so conveniently underestimate it daily. We all have an AMAZING mind and we experience things in our life based on the way we use our own minds. How often do you experience what you ACTUALLY want?
Fully understanding how your mind works (‘knowing’ yourself ) and how you filter things into your life, enables you to change it.

3. Find The Perceptions Blocking Your View
Whatever your perceptions are, that is exactly what you will experience in your life. This is applicable in ANY and EVERY area of your life. When you completely understand your own mind, you can identify old beliefs and perceptions that are no longer serving you and change them.
The most potent and difficult beliefs / perceptions to identify are the assumption beliefs. They are so true to us that it seems ridiculous to question or change them. ‘Knowing’ yourself enables the unconscious mind to present these perceptions not serving you, one-by-one and getting rid of them while all the things you want start to filter into your life!

4. Take Responsibility For Your Life
It is easier to just blame others, our situation, the government, God, our parents, and terrible things that happened to us. That’s what we’ve been taught for centuries. Having this approach demonstrates an unconscious victim-like mindset leaving us with feelings of powerlessness, fear, disappointment, resentment, and frustration. This can be changed by completely understanding your own thoughts, beliefs, reactions, and feelings. Understanding leads to taking responsibility meaning you deal with the unconscious cause of your past and learn how do the things on your part to create the life that you want

Knowing and understanding yourself releases your mind’s ability to serve you the way it’s been created to serve you. Yes, it was created to SERVE you!
Freedom has a different ‘coat’ for everyone; happiness, peace, confidence, financial freedom, time, leadership, healthy relationships…

What is your ‘coat’ for freedom?
Mine is completely being ME with no guilt, never comparing myself, never walking on eggshells and never feeling the need to prove anything.
I STOPPED surviving and started LIVING!