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Why is the grass greener on the other side?
So, you say the grass is greener on the other side? Interesting observation.
What makes the grass less green on your own side? What have you done to keep your grass green?

Because of this perception, we have been taught over centuries, that things are always better somewhere else; we fall into the trap thinking that when we “move” to where it seems better, the same trials will never feature again.
Well, think about it, how many times (after avoiding something) you just end up facing it again. Sure, it is difficult, painful and sometimes easier to avoid the obstacles altogether.
When we avoid it, however, it will just surface again wearing a different “coat”.
Example; Mary married her second husband thinking he is different from her first husband. She never worked through the divorce because she felt that her ex-husband made all the mistakes. After a while, married to her second husband, she discovers to her horror that he is indeed the same as the first. If Mary identified what the obstacles were in her first marriage, she might have solved them leading her to marry an entirely different man the second time.
We as humans are ‘ticking’ by ourselves. Our unconscious minds know when it is time to grow and then these obstacles come along. The same obstacle will continue to appear UNTIL you solved it once and for all. The solving part varies from forgiving, growing spiritually or emotionally, confronting someone, learning to love unconditionally, etc.
Obstacles have different forms and can be anything that will lead you to grow and move towards your full potential.

Are you experiencing obstacles in your life?

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One of South Africa’s most spectacular motorsport extravaganzas, the 2017 Jaguar Simola Hillclimb, gets into gear at Knysna from May 5 to May 7.

Brian Joss – Year-long preparations by the organising team have guaranteed the most exceptional line-up to date.
After scrutineering and documentation on Thursday, the on-track action gets underway on Friday with Classic Car Friday, featuring 64 entries spanning a total of 58 years of motoring and motor racing pedigree – along with some of the most iconic names in the automotive business.

King of the Hill takes place on Saturday and Sunday, with the 84-car entry list comprising everything from purpose-built Hillclimb monsters with up to over 1 100 kW on tap to specialised lightweight single-seater race cars, exotic supercars and stunning road cars. The action will be dialled into the red this year as there are three King of the Hill titles and Jody trophies up for grabs across the various categories.

Aside from the cars, fans will be treated to some of South Africa’s most famous drivers gracing this year’s event, along with a strong contingent of international competitors from Inde Motorsports Ranch in the US as one of the many highlights.
Along with the action unfolding on the challenging 1.9 km Hillclimb course, there’s an array of other activities and attractions to keep the whole family entertained. Included in the programme are town parades and exhibitions, stalls and displays in Gasoline Alley, helicopter flips from the Simola Golf and Country Estate, food and beverages. and so much more.
The concept of Grand Marshal was introduced at last year’s Jaguar Simola Hillclimb for the first time, with multiple SA champion Ian Scheckter being honoured with this ceremonial role to officiate the start of the event.
One of Scheckter’s formidable racing compatriots, Tony Martin, will be waving the Classic Car Friday and King of the Hill competitors on their way.

Martin is probably best known for his success at the 1984 Daytona 24 Hour race as part of the all-South African team alongside Sarel van der Merwe and Graham Duxbury. The trio dominated this legendary event in the famous Kreepy Krauly March 83G-Porsche.

Competing against the likes of Scheckter and Dave Charlton, Martin also raced in the fabled Formula Atlantic series, winning the South African Motor Racing Drivers Championship title in 1980 – and finishing on the podium in the overall results from 1977 to 1983.

More recently, Martin established Durban-based Backdraft Racing in 2002, which is one of the world’s top producers of AC Cobra replicas, most of which are exported to the US, while several are developed into high-performance racing cars for local customers. He still competes in historic racing, both locally and internationally, with adrenaline still clearly coursing through his veins!

Having already attended several Jaguar Simola Hillclimbs, Martin is delighted to be officially involved this year. “I feel quite privileged and honoured to be invited to fulfil the role of Grand Marshal,” he says. “I’ve been very fortunate during my career, and I am blessed with a very full life doing what I enjoy, participating and being involved in motorsport.
“The Jaguar Simola Hillclimb is a specially exciting event, where you see the most spectacular gathering of cars and drivers in one place. You simply don’t find this elsewhere in South Africa,” Martin adds. “I know just about everybody there and it’s a fantastic weekend which I am really looking forward to once again.”

The popular Hillclimb Shuttle Service will operate on all three days of the event at a cost of R25 per return ride. Taxis will be leaving and returning from the playing fields of the Knysna High School where safe and secure parking is provided, starting at 8am on the Friday, and 7.30am on the Saturday and Sunday.

At the event venue, passengers will be dropped off and picked up either at the main Knysna Mara gate entrance which is the main spectator parking area for those who wish to drive themselves, or the Pit Lane gate entrance.
Shuttles will also ferry spectators who don’t want to walk up the course from the Pit Entrance to the Mara Entrance throughout the event.

The VIP Shuttle Service for those with Le Mans VIP tickets runs from the Knysna Angling Club.
A handful of lucky visitors to the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb will win an experience of a lifetime, with an exhilarating ride in a Jaguar up the 1.9 km Hillclimb course.

All tickets purchased via will qualify for the daily draws, with the winners contacted by cellphone and invited to the pit lane for this exclusive adrenaline-charged ride, seated alongside one of Jaguar’s advanced drivers..


Having a browse on the Plett Tourism website for events in the local area we came across the Plett Truck And Vine Festival. Showing our naive British approach we thought what kind of trucks… It had never occurred to us it would be Food Trucks!
Hosted by Redford Lane Wines, who are a small boutique producer of young Sauvignon Blanc Vines. Based in The Crags which is just 20km east of Plettenberg Bay it truly is a magnificent family run business, offering a variety of wines including their White, Red and a Copper Méthode Cap Classique. Thinking of attending a similar event or visiting the area? It isn’t called Plett Winelands for nothing!

Plettenberg Bay offers a fantastic base for a variety of activities for all the family. Whether you are after adventure from the Canopy Tours (more on this soon) to a relaxing view of Robberg, Plett is just what the doctor ordered. The Venue alone was a truly fantastic set up, with a variety of stalls already serving the public and the water with a floating stage attached was a prime example of a fantastically well organised event.” -THEGREMLIN



What are some of the remedies in law when an agreement has been breached?

A debtor may breach the terms of a contract by his or her:

  • Failure to perform on or before the date fixed for such performance, or
  • Incomplete or defective performance contrary to the terms of the contract, or
  • Repudiation of obligations by means of word or action; showing his or her intent to refuse performance as required
  • Prevention of performance, i.e. by destruction of own vehicle to make delivery as agreed, impossible.
  • The aggrieved party has several remedies in law available in cases of contractual breach:
  • An order compelling the defaulter to render specific performance,
  • An award for contractual damages (or for discomfort, pain and loss of amenities of life), putting him or her in same economic position as would be if defaulter performed properly, or
  • Cancelationof the contract.

Can I settle my contractual dispute by Arbitration without going to court?

  • Any civil dispute, except those arising from marriage or relating to the legal status of the parties may be referred for arbitration.
  • Arbitration is a quicker and cheaper way to settle contractual disputes than going to court.
  • It can be pre agreed, as a term of contract, to settle all future disputes by submitting themselves to arbitration. Parties can also agree on arbitration at time of a dispute and sometimes arbitration is prescribed by statute.
  • There are no prescribed formalities to such an agreement and it can be made in writing or viva voce (orally) If made orally the common law applies – this is rarely done.
  • Once agreed it can only be revoked by means of consent of all the parties or be set aside by the court on good cause shown. The inherent jurisdiction of the courts can not be circumvented by means of an agreement that purports to exclude the jurisdiction of the courts entirely. The court retains the authority to set aside the award of an arbitrator.
  • The parties must appoint an independent arbitrator to conduct proceedings according to justice principals.
  • Parties can also approach the court to appoint an arbitrator if they can not reach consensus about who to appoint themselves.
  • The chosen arbitrator or arbitrators best have expert knowledge in the field in which the dispute arose and can be anyone 18 years or older.

How does the new Consumer Protection Act affect car salesmen?

What do consumers have a right to expect from a used vehicle?

  • When buying a used vehicle, customers have a right to expect that:
  • The vehicle is reasonably suitable for the purposes for which it is generally intended; or for a specific purpose that the customer has specifically informed the dealer about before buying the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is of good quality, in good working order and free of any defects
  • The customer will only lose this right if the dealer has expressly informed the customer that the vehicle is being offered in a specific condition, and the customer has expressly agreed to accept the vehicle in that condition.

Does the consumer have a right (or duty) to inspect the vehicle?

  • A buyer will usually be expected to conduct a visual inspection or examination of the vehicle to the extent and in a manner that a reasonably prudent person would inspect such a vehicle. To how far the reasonable man would go or what he would do in conducting the inspection or examination would depend on the circumstances, bearing in mind the nature and common or agreed use of the thing sold.
  • The Consumer Protection Act states that, before a vehicle is delivered to a customer, the seller must, on request, allow the customer a reasonable opportunity to examine the vehicle for the purpose of ascertaining whether the customer is satisfied that the vehicle is of a type and quality reasonably contemplated in the agreement, and meets the description given by the dealer.
  • However, under the Consumer Protection Act, it is now irrelevant whether a product failure or defect was latent or patent, or whether it could have been detected by a consumer before taking delivery of the goods.