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The Old Oaks Knysna Hockey Club Summer League starts on the 1st February. Games will be every Monday and Wednesday thereafter for about 6 weeks. First games start at 17h30 and second round games start at 18h20.
R200.00 seniors
R150.00 scholars
If you haven’t already given your names to us or to your school, please do so soon as teams will be drafted next week. Once this is done, the team captains will create your team whatsapp group where all info regarding matches, times, teams and team colours will be passed.
The Summer League is open to boys and girls from Grade 8 (U14) up.
Spread the word. Looking forward to it.


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Plot Summary: Set in 1970’so Los Angeles, two mismatched private investigators, Holland March and Jackson Healy, team up to investigate the death of a porn star and the missing daughter of a prominent political figure.
What I thought…
Nowadays it is rare and refreshing to come across such a well crafted film that combines two genres which so often are exploited as cash grabs, dishing out disposable entertainment.
The Nice Guys is a fusion of comedy and action with the ‘buddy cop’ theme going for it, yet carries not the clichéd elements of these types of films.
With witty & clever dialogue and a well thought out plot, accompanied by good character development, Shane Black has written in my opinion an Oscar worthy original screenplay, and he backs it up with spot on directing.
The Nice Guys is filled with great comedic timing, with jokes that never feel forced and the chemistry between Gosling and Crowe is comedy gold.
The 70’s look & feel in this film is authentic. It’s highly stylized, but lacks no substance.
On top of the screenplay, directing & tone of the film, young Angourie Rice delivers a stand out performance as Holly March. The only niggle I have with the film is Kim Basinger’s performance which felt stilted, but fortunately her role is small in the film.
The Nice Guys embodies both high entertainment value as well as high quality film making. In a time when Hollywood is rife with unnecessary sequels here is a film that actually deserves one.

Age: 16 V L
Genre: Comedy, Action, Crime, Mystery.
Starring: Ryan Gosling (Drive), Russell Crowe (Gladiator), Angourie Rice (These Final Hours), Kim Basinger (LA Confidential).
Director: Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).
Rating: 9.7/10

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Brenton-on-Sea and Buffels Bay have lost Blue Flag status, however the Knysna municipality is in the process of rectifying this. Knysna Acting municipal manager Johnny Douglas assured residents that the Blue Flag status situation is being remedied and given priority. “Our officials are working on rectifying this issue. It has been given priority by the relevant Departments. I am confident that the Blue Flags will be up again on both beaches by Monday, January 16.”
The reasons for the temporary suspension of the Blue Flag status are as follows:
The signage with the correct FEE eco-labels which is required to display Blue Flag information is out-dated and faded. According to Johnny Douglas, “New secondary signage has been designed and will be put up on both beaches. WESSA retains the right to make their own Blue Flag information board signage and has already indicated that they will submit a special dispensation to the jury for the next round of auditing.”
There were too many informal access pathways through sensitive dune areas. This situation will be remedied by, “Sensitive areas will be cordoned off with proper signage and tape,” said Douglas.
The safety of bathers was compromised by boats which came too close to them from the boat launch site at Buffalo Bay Beach. “Additional buoys have been ordered and proper signage will be put up to separate the bathing areas from the boat launch site,” said Douglas.
Water samples were not submitted to WESSA timeously and the quality results of the bathing water were not displayed on the information boards. Douglas confirmed that, “The latest water samples were submitted to WESSA in the interim which proves the high quality of the bathing water at both beaches. The results will be displayed on the information boards.
No recycling bins were available “Recycling bins have been ordered and will be placed on both beaches,” said Douglas.
“All the above remedial actions will be implemented by no later than Sunday January 15. WESSA has assured the municipality that the Blue Flag status for both Brenton-on-Sea and Buffels Bay will be re-instated once all the remedial action has been completed,” concluded Douglas.

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How does the CPA relate to other laws?
The CPA must be interpreted in a manner that gives effect to the purposes of the Act set out in section 3. The following may be considered when interpreting the Act:

  • appropriate foreign and international law;
  • appropriate international conventions, declarations or protocols relating to consumer protection; and
  • any decision of a consumer court, ombud or arbitrator in terms of the Act.
    If there is an inconsistency between any provision of the CPA and a provision of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999), or the Public Service Act, 1994 (Proclamation No. 103 of 1994), the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999, or of the Public Service Act, 1994, as the case may be, prevail.

If there is an inconsistency between any provision of the CPA and a provision of any other Act:

  • the provisions of both Acts apply concurrently, to the extent that it is possible to apply and comply with one of the inconsistent provisions without contravening the second; and
  • to the extent that both Acts cannot be applied concurrently, the provision that extends the greater protection to a consumer prevails over the alternative provision.

No provision of the CPA must be interpreted so as to preclude a consumer from exercising any rights afforded in terms of the common law.
In any matter brought before the Tribunal or a court in terms of this Act,the court must develop the common law as necessary to improve the realisation and enjoyment of consumer rights generally, and in particular by poor, illiterate or rural consumers.

When buying a financial product / investment, what does the law say you must be told?
The Financial advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act stipulates what a financial adviser must do when advising you or selling you a product. The adviser must provide you with the following information:

  • How the value of your investment is determined
  • The investment’s underlying assets
  • The past performance of the product
  • The adviser’s and the product’s charges and fees, and the implications of the charges on the value of your investment
  • Whether the adviser has a fee rebate arrangement with a product provider, and whether there are rebate arrangements among the providers of the products that he or she recommends
  • When and why the product will not pay out benefits
  • Whether the product has any guarantees
  • How easy it will be for you to access the money you invest
  • The consequences if you terminate an investment before date of maturity
  • The tax implications of the product
  • Whether there is a cooling-off period within which you have the right to cancel the product
  • Any Material risks associated with the product and
  • How the product is appropriate for your financial needs and risk profile.

Once your adviser has provided you with the above information, he or she must provide you with a written summary of:

  • The information on which he or she based his or her advice
  • The financial products that were considered
  • The products that he or she recommended and why and
  • How your risk profile and financial needs align with the recommended products

How do I recognize and avoid investments ‘that sound too good to be true’?
The telltale features of a scam are:

  • It claims to pay out double-digit monthly returns
  • It claims to be an opportunity of a lifetime
  • There are no underlying investments
  • You can’t understand how it generates money
  • It is not a registered product or a product offered by an authorised financial services provider
  • Returns of profits earned by you may be dependent on you introducing more members to the scheme

Verify the legitimacy of a financial services provider before you invest by visiting www.fsb.co.za/Departments/fais/searches/Pages/providers or calling the Financial Services Board on 0800 110 443 .
Variations on a scheme:

  • Pyramid scheme
    An illegal business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or selling products or services.
  • Ponzi scheme
    A fraudulent investment operation where the operator pays returns to its investors from capital paid in by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the operator.
    Ponzi schemes usually entice new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent.
    These schemes occasionally begin as legitimate businesses, until the business fails to achieve the returns expected.
    It becomes a Ponzi scheme if it then continues under fraudulent terms. The perpetuation of high returns requires an ever-increasing flow of money from new investors to sustain the scheme.
  • High-yield investment program
    An online Ponzi scheme promising unsustainably high returns. Most of these scams work from anonymous offshore bases, which make them hard work to track down.