Dogs vs. Cats: Which Is Right for You and Your Family?

So, dogs vs. cats? Check out the pros and cons of each and figure out which is the better match for your lifestyle before you consider bringing one home.

No Time For Walks? The Pros of Having a Cat
Cats are Self-Sufficient
Since cats use a litter box instead of going outside to use the bathroom, you won’t need to worry if you’re away at work for most of the day. No hiring a dog walker or running home from work early — just make sure to keep the litter box clean so that your cat has a fresh place to do his business. Cats are also self-cleaning machines and will rarely need a trip to the groomer.

Cats Keep Pests at Bay
When you have a cat around the house, you probably won’t see any mice, roaches, ants or beetles. Cats will instinctively keep your home pest-free.

Who Knocked Over My Water? The Cons of Having a Cat
Cats are Curious
Just like toddlers, cats seem to get into everything. This includes leftover food, shopping bags and purses. Have an open beverage on the table? Be careful it doesn’t fall victim to wayward paws. Many people use spray bottles of water to help cats learn what to stay away from.

Cats Have Claws
In the wild, a cat will use her claws to catch prey and ward off enemies, but in your home, these claws can end up fraying the bottom of your couch. However, a simple scratching post and a little redirection can help a cat learn where she can and can’t sharpen her claws.

Cats Have Stoic Personalities
Some cats, anyway. When you walk into the room, don’t expect your cat to come running over to see you. Some cats act very aloof and seem to only look for affection on their own timetable. However, when they do look for a little love, cats will really give it their all.
Want a New Best Friend? The Pros of Having a Dog
Dogs are Excited to See You
Unlike many cats, dogs often greet you at the door with excitement. They just love attention and affection, and they’re always eager to please.

Dogs Protect the Home
Many people choose to adopt a dog as a safeguard against home invasion. Your sense of security will skyrocket when you have a dog that barks if someone approaches the house.

Didn’t I Just Let You Out? The Cons of Having a Dog
Dogs Require Bathroom Breaks
Unless you try to litter train your dog, she will need to go outside to use the bathroom multiple times per day. This means that you will either need to take her for walks yourself or install a doggy door that leads into a fenced-in yard.

Dogs Need Discipline
When you bring a new dog into the home, she will need some time to understand the “house rules.” You’ll have to learn how to train your dog or sign him up for obedience classes — and keep in mind that certain breeds take to training better than others!

Dogs Need Regular Exercise
In order for your dog to stay healthy, happy and fit, you’ll need to regularly take him on a walk or run. Having a large fenced-in yard will allow him to run and play easily, but if you live in an apartment or have a tiny yard, regular walks will be necessary. And some breeds need much more exercise than others, so make sure know how much playtime your particular dog will need before you bring him home.•

Plett benefits from beach clean-up

As part of his internship with the Environmental Unit at Eden District Municipality, Luca Verbeeck and his partners organised a coastal clean-up in the Crags near Plettenberg Bay. By documenting his team’ s efforts, Luca gains entry into our Tuffy Beach Clean-Up competition, which puts him in the running to win a brand new shred stick compliments of Firewire and Share The Stoke Foundation.

“Ocean Conservancy sponsor many of these events around the world. Plastic SA delivered two types of Tuffy bags for recycling waste and non-recycling trash. Thanks to the Western Province Department of Environmental Affairs for providing lunch and goodies for the kids.” – Luca
Zigzag Magazine

Sport and Entertainment during Wine & Bubbly Festival

There will be more to the Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival than the main weekend event on Central Beach. In the week leading up to the main extravaganza, Plett has planned a selection of sporting events, music and entertainment – just adding more reasons to visit Plett in October and book for the second Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival.

Thu 01 October: Cat Simoni at The White House
Sat 03 – Sun 11 October: Plett Winelands Estates host luncheons, tastings, picnics and cycling events
Sat 03 October: Robberg Xpress Trail Run in the Robberg Nature Reserve
Sat 03 October: Jason Hartman and Sam Hartman at the Beach House
Wed 07 October: Plettenvale Masquerade at The Equinox restaurant
Thu 08 October: Sasfin Plett Classic golf at the Plettenberg Bay Country Club
Fri 09 October: Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival
Sat 10 October: Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival
Sat 10 October: Tour de Plett MTB•

The Law and Debt Collecting …Part 3

Emoluments attachment orders in South Africa. An emoluments attachment order in South African law is a court order whereby the judgment creditor is able to attach part of the salary or wages of the judgment debtor. Once an emoluments attachment order has been granted, the employer of the judgment debtor (who is referred to as the garnishee) is obliged (on a continuing basis, and until such time as the judgment debt has been paid in full) to pay a certain portion of the judgment debtor’s salary or wages to the judgment creditor.

The employer is known as the emoluments attachment debtor or garnishee. It is important to distinguish between the employer as an emoluments attachment order debtor, or garnishee, and the actual judgment debtor. Emoluments attachment orders are signed by the judgment creditor, or by a nominated attorney, as well as by the clerk, and are served by the sheriff on the emoluments attachment debtor or garnishee. An emoluments attachment order may be executed against the emoluments attachment debtor or garnishee as if it were a judgment of the court. The order is always subject to the rights of the judgment debtor, emoluments attachment debtor or any interested party to dispute the validity or correctness of the order.

The emoluments attachment order “is a good way of proceeding against a judgment debtor who does not possess sufficient attachable assets to pay off a significant portion of the debt.” Because the money goes directly from the employer to the judgment creditor, the latter’s attorney does not have to worry about the judgment debtor spending it before it can be attached. The judgment debtor also has an interest in retaining his job. As long as he does so, the debt will continue to be paid.

In terms of section 65J(2)(a) and (b), an emoluments attachment order will not be issued unless the judgment debtor has consented thereto in writing, or the court has so authorised and does not suspend the authorisation;
Unless the judgment creditor or an appointed attorney has sent a registered letter to the judgment debtor at his or her last known address informing the judgment debtor of the amount of the judgment debt and the costs which remain unpaid, and also warning that an emoluments attachment order will be issued if the mentioned amount is not paid within seven days after the date on which that registered letter has been posted; and
filed with the clerk an affidavit or affirmation wherein is indicated
the amount of the judgment debt on the date of the order laying down the specific instalments;
the costs, if any, incurred since that date; and
the balance owing; and
it is declared that the provision above, requiring the sending of the registered letter, have been complied with on the date specified therein.

Once the emoluments attachment order has been issued and served on the emoluments attachment debtor or garnishee, a certain amount will be deducted from the judgment debtor’s salary by the garnishee at the end of every month, and paid over to the judgment creditor. The garnishee is entitled to deduct a five per cent commission for this service.

The court may on good cause suspend, amend or rescind the order, especially where the judgment debtor can show that, after the deduction, there are insufficient means available to support the judgment debtor and any dependants. Where the judgment debtor leaves the employment of the garnishee, the judgment debtor must advise the judgment creditor of the name and address of the new employer. The judgment creditor may then serve a certified copy of the order, together with a certificate of the balance of the debt owed, on the new employer. The new employer, as the new garnishee, is then bound by the order.

Difference between emoluments attachment order and garnishee order[edit]
In terms of the procedure adopted in the Magistrates’ Courts, there is a distinction between emoluments attachment orders (which relate to the attachment of the salary or wages owing or accruing to the judgment debtor by a third party), and garnishee orders (which relate to the attachment of all the other kinds of debts which may be owed to the judgment debtor by a third party).
In essence, an emoluments attachment order is a procedure whereby a debt may be collected from a judgment debtor. The order is served on the debtor’s employer (the garnishee), who is instructed to make regular weekly or monthly deductions from the debtor’s salary and to pay these deductions over to the judgment creditor.

A garnishee order, on the other hand, allows a judgment creditor to attach a money debt owed to the judgment debtor by a third party. The order is served on the third party and attaches money owed by the third party (who is also known as a garnishee) to the judgment debtor. The third party or garnishee is then obliged to hand over to the judgment creditor directly as much of the attached money debt as is necessary to satisfy the judgment debt and costs.

(Chris Schutte: 076 917 9928)
Information obtained from (with written permission).

Council for Debt Collectors•

Knysna Arts Festival – 7 to 10 October 2015

Following the success of last year’s Knysna Art Route featuring only visual fine arts, a four day festival is to be staged that will include a varied array of arts and entertainment in intimate venues scattered throughout Knysna.

Highlights of the event will be:-

· An official Opening Function on Wednesday 7th October, and a Gala Evening on Thursday 8th October, a variety of live visual art, music, drama &
community entertainment is scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

· Visual Arts Painting, Sculpture, Woodwork, Pottery, Printing
and Photography including Community Arts and Tours;

· Performing Arts Music, Dance and Theatre including School

· Knysna Natter Readings, Talks and Debates involving both
current and historical topics;

· Demonstrations Live Art Demo’s and a variety of

This event, which is sponsored by Sotheby’s International Realty Knysna, will host some special guests and promises to bring out the very best that Knysna has to offer.

For those of you not yet artfully convinced, there are other festivals that will be taking place in Knysna during the same period namely, The Knysna Timber Festival and the Mitchells Brewery October Fest.

So, plan your visit now and avoid accommodation disappointment!

The full festival program can be viewed•


Monday 28th September 2015
A History of Christianity : Part 5 of 6
Protestantism – The Evangelical Explosion
10H00 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-Ordinator: Michael Lond 044-533-0018

Monday 28th September 2015
U3A Film Club : The Butler
The real life of Eugene Allen, an African American
who eyewitnessed politics and social events of the 20th century
when he was employed as a White House butler
18H15 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-Ordinator: Brian Hardy 044-533-5489

Tuesday 29th September 2015
Italian Conversation
10H00 at 12 Challenge Drive
Co-ordinator: Brenda Hardy 044-533-5489

Wednesday 30th September 2015
Art Film – The Private life of a Masterpiece
The first of series of films on famous works of art
10H00 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-ordinator: Lynette Timme 044-535-9041

Friday 2nd October 2015
Tai Chi class by Jennie Anderson
09H00 to 09H45 at St Peter’s Church Hall
Please present your U3A card on arrival
Co-ordinator: Jennie Anderson 044-533-0089

Friday 2nd October 2015
French Conversation
10H30 at 7 Glennifer Street
Co-ordinator: Merle Decot 044-533-5879

Friday 2nd October 2015
Mah Jong : Ancient Fascinating Game
13H30 at Formosa Garden Village Small Dining Room
Co-ordinator: Amelia White 044-533-0113

Kudde evaluering ‘n sukses

Die jaarlikse Herold en George kudde evaluering het vanjaar op George skougronde plaasgevind en was ‘n groot sukses.

Daar was twee groepe onder beoordeling ( Merinos en Dhone Merinos ) en 10 deelnemers het elk 8 ooie ingeskryf.

Die gehalte en kwaliteit was baie goed van ooie en dit moeilik gemaak vir beoordelaars.

Gawie van Wyk ( NWKV Carnarvon ) het Merinos beoordeel en Corne Nel ( BKB skaap en wol beampte Beaufort Wes ) die Dhone Merinos. Pieter Aucamp en Hennie Senekal van BKB het gehelp met reelings en Deon Greyling van BKB skeerdiens Oudtshoorn het die dag afgeluit met skeerdemonstrasie wat almal baie geniet het.

Die uitslae was soos volg:

Algehele Wenner: Frikkie van der Walt bestuurder van Saag Jonker Familie Trust, Schoonberg, Herold.

Beste ooi : Frikkie van der Walt , Schoonberg , Herold.

Beste wol : Gus du Toit van Grootfontein, Herold.

Beste bouvorm : Andre De Jager van Swartklip , Albertinia.

Beste vordering : Mias Nieuwoudt van Ezeljaght , Herold.

Dhone Merinos
Algehele wenner: Petra en Thys du Toit van Buffelsfontein, Mosselbaai.

Beste ooi: Petra en Thys du Toit van Buffelsfontein , Mosselbaai.

Beste wol: Petra en Thys du Toit van Buffelssfontein, Mosselbaai.

Beste Bouvorm: George van Reenen van Ganzekraal, Herold.

Beste vordering : Henry Meyer van Pleasant View, Hartenbos.•

Wine pairing 101…

Very simple – food and wine should each bring out the best flavours of the other.

During the Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival, there will be options of great food which will be paired with local Plett wines. Enjoy a variety of tastes, textures and tantalising possibilities to let your taste-buds run riot. Bon appetit!

Enjoy this sneak peek at who will be pairing at this year’s Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival…

Arugula Bistro – the latest addition at Goose Valley
Bramon Restaurant – the perfectly poised restaurant in the vineyards
Island Diner – the amazing seaside dining experience for the whole family
Seafood @ The Plettenberg – 5-star dining with a 7-star view
The Fat Fish – the trendiest “foodie” haven in Plett