Did you know…


the most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E

the least used letter in the alphabet is Q

the 3 most common languages in the world are
Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English

dreamt is the only word that ends in mt

the names of all continents both start and end with the same letter

the first letters of the months July through to November spell JASON

if you try to say the alphabet without moving your lips or tongue every letter will sound the same

a cat has 32 muscles in each ear

Perth is Australia’s windiest city

Elvis’s middle name was Aron

the flag for Libya is unlike any other being a solid green color

goldfish can see both infrared and ultraviolet light

the smallest bones in the human body are found in your ear

cats spend 66% of their life asleep

Switzerland eats the most chocolate equating to 10 kilos per person per year

money is the number one thing that couples argue about
macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs

when lightning strikes it can reach up to 30,000 degrees celsius (54,000 degrees fahrenheit)

spiders are arachnids and not insects

each time you see a full moon you always see the same side

stewardesses is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand

there is no such thing as a naturally blue food

honey is the only natural food which never goes off

M&M’s chocolate stands for the initials for its inventors Mars and Murrie

you burn more calories eating celery than it contains (the more you eat the thinner you become)

the only continent with no active volcanoes is Australia

the longest street in the world is Yonge street in Toronto Canada measuring 1,896 km (1,178 miles)

about 90% of the worlds population kisses

Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine

in every episode of Seinfeld there is a reference to Superman

the Internet was originally called ARPANet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) designed by the US department of defense

FAMSA’s Training to start soon.

Training forms a central part of FAMSA Knysna’s activities in Sedgefield, Knysna and Plettenberg Bay.

Initially training was done exclusively to equip volunteers who are involved in the various activities and projects at the organization. Subsequently they found that the skills learned could be of benefit to most members of the community and growing interest was expressed by many who wanted to attend.

As a result, most of the training is now open to the general public and after completion of specific courses, some may become volunteers for FAMSA Knysna. If each attendee applies the skills learnt only in his/her personal life an enormous impact in the preservation of relationships and families will already have been made. These skills can also be applied in the working environment and lead to improved productivity.

The various courses/workshops presented include the acclaimed counselling course known as the Family Foundation Training which is made up of several “blocks” spread over about 9 months. Other workshops include Intimate Relationships, Intimate Partner Violence, Self Esteem & Boundaries, Child Abuse, Addictions, Anger/Conflict Management & Assertiveness, Depression & Suicide, Parenting Skills, Trauma, Stress, Death & Dying, Personality & Psychological Disorders, Trauma Psychological First-Aid, Trauma & children, etc.

Specific training courses are presented for the volunteers involved in FAMSA’s various projects, which include Women of Worth, Parenting, MEN, etc.

On request, training or workshops are done for other organizations and businesses and can be streamlined for specific needs. Employees can benefit immensely from learning various skills, which in turn are conducive to a more positive working environment.

The fee charged for training is a fraction of that in larger cities. Many of the workshops are also presented by experts in the field.

Contact Estelle at FAMSA in Knysna on 044-382-5129 and Mia at FAMSA in Plettenberg Bay on 044-533-0515 ASAP for further information.