Cleaning Your Koi Fish Pond

Koi fish ponds need not only regular maintenance, but also cleaning if you want to have a healthy marine environment. The water should be clean, non-toxic, de-chlorinated and clear.

Maintenance prevents the accumulation of organic wastes in the pond. Prevent over-population since this will cause crowding, dirty the pond and cause ecological imbalance.

KoiPondsFish feed only to the extent required should be dropped. Excess would settle at the bottom or float atop. Their decay and decomposition will make the water toxic.

Cleaning involves use of fine-meshed nets for lifting out floating wastes, excess food and debris. Filters at the bottom of the pond will drain insects, algae, and mud. Biological filters which use bacteria to convert toxic into harmless matter can also be installed. Water can be aerated by installing fountains or waterfalls using pumps with filtration plants.

Algae oxygenate the water. When the pH level of the water rises, they will grow rampantly. Adding pond salt with baking soda or adding barley straw extract will regulate their growth and maintain the desired pH levels.

Koi fish generate a lot of waste. It is mandatory to clean the pond annually every spring wherein the water will be drained out completely and refilled after all the mud and wastes are cleared.

Cleaning the pond involves:

• Shifting fishes to an aerated tank located in a cool and shady place.

• Removing the parts fitted in the pond and checking for any damage.

• Clearing the pond of mud, wastes and debris using pressure wash.

• De-chlorinating the tank and fitting all the parts back.

• Filling the pond and shifting the fishes.•

Symphony of Life

“The Rhythm of the Body, the Melody of the Mind and the Harmony of the Soul create the Symphony of Life” B.K.S. Iyengar


In the pursuit of a happy home, a prosperous career and “keeping up with the Joneses” we leave little time to ask ourselves – “Is our life taking us on a scenic journey or down a one-way frustrating street?”

We all have a deep need to achieve meaningful goals, but often fall into the trap of “I will be happy when…” never noticing how much there is to enjoy in the present. The natural beauty that surrounds us; the love of family and friends as well as a sense of gratitude for the ability to earn a living.

Perhaps even more importantly, we may be so focused on an outcome based goal that we neglect to examine how to change our current circumstances so that life is as in tune as a beautiful symphony rather than “Chopsticks” played with one hand on the piano.

Being creatures of habit we find sustainable and effective changes difficult. When the quality of daily life becomes a masterpiece of harmonic balance between our personal values and long term goals, then the effort is most rewarding.

As with any symphony, life will not be all high notes, but when you can view painful experiences as a part of a magnificent whole they seem less traumatic and more a natural part of the ebb and flow of time.
This is a challenge that I encourage anyone less than satisfied with life to take – identify an area in your life that you would like to change. Write down your dislikes and consider the changes needed to enhance the quality of your life and then as Nike say “JUST DO IT”.

Dream In Africa


Born in Africa started a new project this year called “Dream in Africa” where we aim to make two of our children’s dreams come true every month. This time, it was Dehane Barnardo (15), Selena Panadza (8), Monique Louw (16) and Gabriel Malgas’ (11) turn. Their dream was to experience the beauty of the ocean. Although they live along the picturesque coastline of Plettenberg Bay, they had never had the opportunity to enjoy it. Born in Africa contacted Offshore Adventures in Plettenberg Bay concerning the dream and they were glad to be able to help make this dream come true. The dream came true and the learners went on an exhilarating boat ride followed by a swim with seals in the beautiful Robberg Bay.