Monday 11th May 2015
Geological Wonders of the World
The African Rift Valley & Yellowstone Geysers and Hot Springs
The Earth has the most outstanding geological destinations
Two lavishly illustrated half hour lectures will be shown
10H00 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-Ordinator: Alain Leger 044-533-2963

Tuesday 12th May 2015
Italian Conversation
09H45 at 12 Challenge Drive
Co-ordinator: Brenda Hardy 044-533-5489

Wednesday 13th May 2015
The Last Explorers : Part 4 of 4
Neil Oliver travels to Japan to uncover
the extraordinary story of Thomas Blake Glover
10H00 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-ordinator: Michael Lond 044-533-0018

Friday 15th May 2015
French Conversation
10H30 at 7 Glennifer Street
Co-ordinator: Merle Decot 044-533-5879

Friday 15th May 2015
Mah Jong : Ancient Fascinating Game
13H30 at Formosa Garden Village Small Dining Room
Co-ordinator: Ameila White 044-533-0113

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