How to be Loved by your Pets and Become Popular

My pets love me, at least that is what I conclude from their over all behavior all day. My lucky cat is a cute yet aggressive creature who never quits loving. I call her “kinky” I don’t know why just it was revealed or I was blessed by this name the moment I saw her. It was one dreadful night and my neighbors were having a late night party. I walked alone in my garden, on soft grass, unintentionally hearing the “hee haa” coming from adjacent wall. Indeed, the night was dreadful for me and my loneliness and wonderfully excited for my neighbors. At that particle moment , when I was seriously thinking about all troubles the life has given me and still giving , my always infuriated boss , my forever angry wife , My unhappy kids and what else my monotonous, dull ,weary and boring life ; It all prompted me to seriously think of suicide , scary enough of getting death by your own , I trembled heavily for just thinking about suicide . I closed my eyes and shouted “lord lord! Help me lord”

The answer came instantly “mee—AAA –ooo” I was shocked to hear such reply; I hurriedly opened my eyes to see a “little cat “looking like an angel wrapped in fur, just beneath my shoe. Yeah, I mistakenly put my heavy shoe on her soft tail. But I took it as a sign, a sign from HIM; yeah she came just to help me out of this misery. I took “kinky” in my arms, softness I felt and softened my heart became, and she was cute, small, shy, beautiful, and a cat. I felt her love instantly, I lamented over cruel men not caring for creature not termed as “human beings”.

I felt I would make me an example for all those who treat such cute animals with tyranny and indifference and I felt… “Ouch” I shouted, she bit my finger and cut my thoughts in to pain. However, to forgive is divine… I took kinky inside, in my home and in my heart and in my life.
The next day was a new beginning, the boss was happy since I was so up to the mark miraculously that day. My wife was glad as I looked romantic and loving that day, My kids were excited as I appeared to them a father who would take them to park with no arguments at all and above all my loneliness and solitude was replaced by socially encircled and happiness . What else I could wish for, I may sound dumb, but “kinky’s coming” made me popular in home, outside and everywhere and this popularity is ever increasing. Now I have 10 pets and my family includes humans and animals. From this wonderful experience I made the following guide instantly.

•Every man/woman/gay/lesbian must have at least one pet.
•Be a part of a pet community club, if there isn’t any in your area, start your own.
•Don’t be indifferent with your pets
•Don’t discourage them, they have hearts and feelings.
•Pets are blessings of lord, be blessed.
•Any will do , cat, dog or cats and dogs etc
•Get loved be popular and have a good life by just getting one pet
•Love them to get their love, check food manually, their sleep timings, their home, their fundamental rights of shelter, food, freedom within home etc.

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