How to build a dog kennel

There are many people around the world who have manually build dog kennels with their own hands rather than going into the store and buying a readymade one. You would never know what kind of material has been used even though they look good, reliability would always be a matter of concern. Whereas if you compare the same with something that you build with your own hands, things would become reliable automatically as you would take utmost care in purchasing quality material and fix them to perfection.

By constructing a dog kennel on your own, you are sure to incorporate all the necessary specifications your pet or pets needs. All you need is the right kind of skills and knack for building such quality home for your pet. Finally some tips to consider before jumping on the construction side of a dog kennel.

Make sure the design you are planning on constructing has an easy mode of movement, allowing both yourself and your pet to transact with convenience. Some other specifications will further guide you to consider right construction layout and material to design the kennel which is properly ventilated and has a good drainage system.

Keep in mind that you will have to clean the kennel quite often and thus there should be scope for carrying out sanitation procedures. Your design should be able to cater this important step. Take an example where you have opted to use steel wires which are easier to wash or clean and disinfect quickly. They also provide an easy way for carrying out any sanitation procedures instead of plastic or wooden flooring. Also, at the same time your pet will remain safe from any injury due to splinting.

Incase you are planning on building on multi tier kennels then selecting concrete over any other material is always better as its strong and easy to clean with only one disadvantage. If the floor cracks, there are more possibilities that it may become home for parasites or insects with time and might cause some form of infections in the pets.

When talking of drainage, a better angled sloped is always good to cater all the dirt from the dog kennel compartment. It is also good for the pet owner as they don’t have to mop or wipe the floor every time a dog releases waste. With sloped compartments, there are higher possibilities of keeping the sweet home neat and clean. And with the usage of disinfectants, you can get rid of the dog body odor or can keep it to minimum.

The most important advantage of a customized kennel is the location you want to keep it. It can be dynamic and does not have to be fixed location. This also helps in overall maintenance of the kennel. Also, a customized kennel location should be away from the main door to avoid any eye contacts with moving people and objects to avoid any unforeseen barks that disturb your neighbors.

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