Cat Urine Odor

Like some homeowners have to deal with pet odors, Cat Urine Odor one of these. In fact, some believe that cat urine odor is one of the strongest odors of all pets. However, this does not mean that this odor cannot be removed, as there are known methods and products that are capable of getting rid of cat urine odor for you. The enzyme/bacteria method is believed to be the most effective method of removing cat urine odor, as it gets down to the root of the problem. This is because of the fact that the enzyme/bacteria process is capable of getting to deep areas where cat urine may be deposited.

Cause of Unusual Cat Urine Odor:

Among several factors that could affect the cat urine odor intensity, it is the diet and sex of cats that can be pinpointed. It is said that male cats have strong urine odor than female cats. This is because of the diet being high in protein, coupled by the male hormone in their bodies. Next in odor intensity would be female cats, and then dogs.
Another important factor that causes stronger cat urine odors is the age of the animal. This is because of the fact that the older an animal is the greater the chances are of its kidneys not functioning properly.
Locating Cat Urine:

The most common method employed includes black light that usually reveals a glow where cat urine is detected. Usually, one will find male cat urine deposits on furniture and areas that they find convenient for marking their territory. However, their urine may also fall on carpeted areas and ones from where it is difficult to remove it. Females prefer to use open areas in contrast to the males that prefer depositing their urine in smaller amounts to mark their territory.

Cat Urine Odor Removal:

The process of removing cat urine odor includes employing the enzyme/bacteria method. This includes introduction of an enzyme/bacteria agent that set to work on the urine content immediately.

The enzymes in the agent favor bacterial action, and cause bacteria to multiply rapidly, thereby, increasing the breakdown of the urine contents. Once all the urine contents are broken down, the source of odor diminishes, and the cat odor removal process terminates.

Safety of the Enzyme/Bacteria process:

Often, the process by which the enzyme/bacteria process operates is questioned with regard to safety. Yes, this process is believed to be safe to use at home even if there are children in the house. This is because of the fact that agent used in the process of removing cat odors breaks down once the process is over. It breaks down into Carbon Dioxide and Water. These are harmless substances that pose no threat to anyone. However, as a precautionary measure, it is best to keep children away from the agent while it is still working. This would mean keeping children away from the area of treatment until the prescribed period for cat urine’s odor removal has expired.

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