Tips For Running on a Treadmill

Now that winter is coming, many of us will be running on a treadmill instead of being outdoors. This means that there will be a difference and we will have to make the necessary changes in order for the workouts to be as effective as running outdoors.
Here are some tips for running on a treadmill that will help you immensely when you move your training indoors.
• Make sure that when you are using the treadmill, your posture is upright. You may find this posture difficult to maintain in the beginning. When you are running outdoors, you automatically have a forward lean but you do not need this lean when using a treadmill. If you lean forward while running on a treadmill, you will increase the stress on your knees.
• Make sure that the treadmill has a slight incline as this will simulate outdoor running. When the treadmill is kept at zero degree incline, it will be flat and you will just be running to keep up with the treadmill and it will have less effect on your legs. By keeping a slight incline, you will be simulating the forward thrust that you need for outdoor running.
• When running on a treadmill, make a conscious effort to run on the center line of the belt. Most runners find treadmill training boring so they tend to watch television or listen to music. This can easily distract them and they drift off from the center of the treadmill causing serious injuries to themselves. This is something you do not have to worry when running outdoors but you do have to pay attention to when you are on a treadmill.
• When training on a treadmill, it is quite easy to get dehydrated quickly. This is primarily due to the indoor heating and lack of wind factor. Winter heating makes the air dry and this can cause you to lose fluids very quickly. In addition, there is not wind generated when you are running on a treadmill and this means that there is no cooling effect. This leads to more perspiration and faster dehydration.

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