Tips for dog training

Dog training has different steps and methods. Important thing in dog training is to teach them command and control them. Training helps to develop skills and intelligence of a dog. Dog training can be given by yourself and your dog enjoys them most. This helps to build bond between dog and his master.

Dog training depends on the age and health condition of dog. Some breeds need more exercise and some needs simple tricks. Here are some tips for dog training.

Basic commands: During dog training, you need to control your dog and this can be done by teaching them basic command. Basic command includes command like run, sit, no, come and so on. Do not use different words for same command this will confuse your dog. For more effective techniques, teach command with body gestures or action.

Start with simple tricks: In dog training, you need to be patience and teach tricks step by step or one by one. Do not try to teach all tricks in one day and never punish harshly for not doing any tricks or action. This will create a fear in dog’s mind thinking on training.

Call by name: It is good technique to train your dog. Call its name and gradually it will understand when you call its name. While naming do not name them like Joe that will often confuse them with go.

Teach your dog to sit: Train your dog to sit whenever you tell them to do so. This will help to control your dog when some visitors come or when dog misbehaves.

Appreciation: Appreciation is must in training. Dog loves your appreciation during training. Appreciation is important when they does any action correct or rightly. Repeat the trick which they do wrongly but do not punish them harshly for doing wrong.

Behavior training: Behavior training is one of the important things in dog training. You need to train them where to do toilet and where to sleep and so on. Teaching them for three or four days will help them to understand and learn quickly.

Success and failure of dog training depends on the person and patience of person who teach them. Dog needs love and care. They love to play with their master and you need to spend more time with them. Dog training must be entertainment and enjoyment for both dog and you.

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