Keeping Your Puppy Happy

Is Your Puppy Content?

Dog owners often have misperceptions about what it takes to keep their puppy happy. It’s true that puppies are cute and adorable, often growing up to offer good companionship for their owner. However, it takes a lot of time and patience to train a puppy in order to ensure that it does develop into an excellent companion for the dog owner. Following the steps outlined in this article will benefit any dog owner who is avidly seeking answers to keep their new puppy happy, obedient, and content.

Regular Shampooing

Just as human beings like to feel fresh and clean, dogs and puppies do too. Regular shampooing and grooming of your canine friend will guarantee that his or her disposition will show sure signs of friendliness. Furthermore, weekly shampooing will make certain that your dogs coat will stay in a healthy condition, free from mosquitos, ticks, and fleas, as long as you use a good conditioning flea and tick dog shampoo. Most dogs enjoy getting a weekly bath, in fact they can’t wait to jump into the water. They frolick and play in it, but when it comes down to the scrub a dub, dub, they enjoy that process too. I would suppose the only negativity of giving your pooch his bath is how they shake afterwards. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, so prepare for a splash of water yourself.

Daily Brushing

Brushing your puppy is without question one of the most important things you can do for him or her. This helps with keeping control of their shedding and also if you use a flea comb as well it will help in the prevention of an infestation of flea’s in your home. That is if you keep Cujo in-doors, the majority of the time. Some people keep their pooch outside, except for winter but nevertheless, the puppy still requires daily brushing. As with bathing your dog, they love to be brushed as well. It gives their coat a healthy sheen, and prevents excess knotting of their fur as well. Long haired dogs especially require brushing on a daily basis, unless your prepared to be cutting knots out of their fur. The more knots, the more chance of fleas to burrow down into their coats and cause an infestation.

Vaccinations and Regular Veterinarian Care

Fido has to go see his or her Vet at least three times a month, though some don’t take them more than twice a year. This can be considered acceptable as well, as long as your pooch is healthy and has his or her vaccinations kept up to date. Regular Veterinarian care can be expensive but it is essential for your doggy. You can now get animal insurance, just like health insurance for humans. This helps cut down on the cost that can sometimes grow excessive if you have a dog that becomes diabetic or is on a special diet regimen. Just pause and consider how you would treat your own body and take that into consideration when taking care of Fido. He deserves good care as well.

So, as is obvious, having a puppy in your family requires more than just simply playing fetch. You have to be willing to give your time and energy to him or her in all the noted aspects. By doing this your sure to have a devoted, and healthy companion for many years to come.•

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