Monday 29th September 2014
– The Ascent of Man : ( Part 11 of 13 )
Knowledge or certainty
Physicists begin to understand that certainty is unattainable
but when people believe that they have absolute knowledge,
with no test in reality, they behave inhumanely
10H00 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-ordinator: Alain Leger 044-533-2963

Monday 29th September 2014
– The U3A Film Club : The Grand Budapest Hotel
Written and directed by Wes Anderson, this charming British-German
comedy-drama is about the lasting friendship forged between a
legendary concierge (Ralph Fiennes) and a lowly lobby boy
18H15 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-ordinator: Brian Hardy 044-533-5489

Tuesday 30th September 2014
– Italian Conversation
09H45 at 12 Challenge Drive
Co-ordinator: Brenda Hardy 044-533-5489

Wednesday 1st October 2014
– World War One : 1914 – 1918 ( Part 5 of 7 )
Mutiny : In 1917, the French army refused to undertake
senseless attacks and the Russian Revolution broke out
10H00 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-ordinator: Marina Niven 044-533-2699

Wednesday 1st October 2014
– U3A Plett Social Bridge Club
Supervised bridge in a friendly atmosphere
with tips for improving your play.
13H30 at the Angling Club
Co-ordinator: Michael Webb 082-226-7280

Friday 3rd October 2014
– French Conversation
10H00 at 7 Gleninifer Street
Co-ordinator: Merle Decot 044-533-5879

Friday 3rd October 2014
– Mah Jong
Learn and play this ancient and fascinating game.
13H30 at Formosa Garden Village Small Dining Room
Co-ordinator: Amelia White 044-533-0113

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