Dear fellow Plettonians,
The Clean Up Plett Campaign has now been on the go since mid Feb 2014 We, have had such unbelievable support. Our aim is together with the municipality to keep Plett as clean as possible Plett is the jewel of the garden route – a tourist destination. Tourism plays a huge part of the economy generated in this town- which in turns provides jobs for all.
Spring has almost sprung and therefore we would like to work together to plant and make Plett a bright arrangement of flowers for the whole world to see.
So therefore we need the help of every single person who lives in Plett and surrounds. We have already a team of wonderful people cleaning in Kurland Village – overseen by Veronica Cloete and her team.
In Plett we meet every single Tuesday evening around 5.15 pm where a team of people get together and spend just 1 hour weeding or picking up litter in certain areas that we may have noticed during the week need extra attention Our Keep Plett clean campaign has so many people to thank from the beginning
Express Signs
Pinnacle Painters
Zig Zag Branding
The Clean Shop
Dulux Paint
Penny Pinchers
Glow lighting
Mike & Joanne Janse van Vuuren for the bicycle for Patrick and cell phone
Arlene’s Pool Services
Garden Route Timbers
The Garden Services that are on board:-
Eden Gardens Kwikspar and post office
Home from Home Robyn’s corner on Odlands
Smart Gardens Piesang bridge down to circle at Kwikspar
Garden Thyme All the circles
Dave’s Garden Services Circle at The Grand
Milkwood Gardens Below Zanzibar
These garden services each have their designated area which they keep clean
The schools – Waldorf, Plett Primary and Plett Christian School All the individuals – toooooo many to mention who give up their time every week:-
To just name a few amazing helpers that meet ones a week giving an hour of their time to care for our town.
Andy Smit
Maxine Brett
Kirsten Deacon
Dave and Brenda Scott
Dee Gotz
Mandy Frost
Lesley Mullins
Perino Pama
Di Butlin
Matt Covar
Nic Bryant
Lynne Kapp for the face book page Stephanie Shrosbree – liaison with municipality Vinthi for the photos And of course Patrick Windvoegel, we have changed his life. Patrick is employed
in a donation basis – his pot is at Rice and Linen. Patrick is so proud if his achievements and we are so proud and grateful to him. He walks and cycles everywhere keeping Plett clean for us. We appeal to you all – please help us in your own small way
Please do not throw rubbish out of car windows or even cigarette butts
Please don’t drop rubbish while walking in the streets – hold into it until you see a dustbin – we are working towards the municipality providing us with more.
If you can’t help us on a Tuesday – just spend an hour or even half an hour picking up any litter you may see in your surroundings.
We appeal to our fellow Plettonians to educate others, friends employees, children, grandchildren.
We want Plett to be pristine at all times so that we can wow our visitors and make them come back to Plett time and time again and therefore making it a better place for all.
Thank you all you amazing people for making this project work
Alison Bryant
Coordinator and Founder of Clean Up Plett Campaign

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