Tips On Potty Training For Puppies That Works

One more thing that you have to be aware of, puppies are like little kids, never show them you are upset with them no matter what they do. Just like a kid, if you get upset with a puppy, it will assume it has done something wrong and needless to mention, the process will be a bit slow and difficult on your side. Learn to appreciate and shower your puppy with praises.

1 – You should ensure your dog is in a tiled or concreted room to avoid accidents that will ruin your expensive carpet or rugs. Keep also in mind that your dogs need to sleep too, ensure you lay spread a comfortable warm bed where your puppy will be spending each night.

2 – Most people allow their dogs to eliminate outside, which is perfectly OK. At night though it could be cold and your dog could catch an

infection, so you should make plans, such as buying puppy pads and stuff so you start training on the pads. 3 – Ensure you designate a specific corner in the house where the puppy will be eliminating. Just like human beings, dogs too don’t like eating and playing where they eliminate. This therefore means that you should set a place which has some privacy. Each time your dog show signs of wanting to eliminate, you should take him there during the initial stages of training. Strap your dog and take it there all the time and within no time it will going there on its own.

4 – You should ensure there is a good routine to be followed. Thus create some daily routine that both you and your puppy will follow, from the time you wake up to the time you retire to bed, to the time you both eat, etc. One thing that is guaranteed to make your potty training difficult is your puppy getting confused and unable to predict what the day schedule is like. If you maintain a good routine, your puppy will soon catch up with you and start following everything in order.

As a rule of thumb, if your puppy does not eliminate the first few times you take it to the designated spot, never play with it. You want to communicate that eliminating is an important and serious business. So, if he does not eliminate, take him back to his sleeping area and confine him there. If he does eliminate, shower him with praises so he knows he has done something good.

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