Pierre and Ronel Steyn of Go!/Weg! Magazine recently visited Plett to hike the Garden of Eden with Venture Beyond, operators of The Plett Trail. An excerpt below:

“The area around Plett has always been a hiker’s paradise. Okay, always is forever and that’s a long, long time. But it is true that some of the first people to walk the earth, some 160 000 years ago, did so around here… As I sip a craft beer and work my way through a heaped plate of comfort food, I think about all I’ve experienced over the past few days. It’s one thing to chart your own course in a beautiful place like Plett, but it’s another thing to experience it with passionate guides like Sarah, Luck’z and Meagan. How else would I have learnt that the bidup-bidup-bidup sound in the bush is the call of a green-backed camaroptera, if Meagan hadn’t carefully parted the leaves to show me his hideout?”


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