Charting a Course

As a young adult I laughed off the advice that it was essential to create a plan or “road map” for my life, I was actively encouraged to set some goals. With my limited life experience at that stage I had some general ideas of what I wanted to achieve – complete my degrees and articles, maybe have a family one day.

It was only with the perfect 20:20 vision of hindsight and observing the rising and falling fortunes of companies that I worked for or consulted to that I began to understand the fundamental wisdom in having a plan, whether personal or business.

There are no guarantees that you will achieve what you plan to, but if you aim for the stars and end up with the moon, you are still better off than having no, or a low aim.

I don’t know if anyone would be happy to buy a ticket, or brave enough to board a flight if the itinerary stated “we are aiming in the general direction of North America, departing in sometime in April 2013”. Yet that is how many direct their lives and businesses!
With a plan in place you are able to focus your resources on a daily basis to achieve incremental, sustainable progress towards your vision. This may be your business funds, your human resource complement, or simply your own time and creative energy.
I have finally understood what I was taught many years ago – if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. •


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