Choosing the Right Aquarium For You

If you’ve decided that you want to keep fish, one of the most important decisions is which tank to buy. It is a crucial decision and could determine your success in the hobby.

Tanks come in all manners of shapes and sizes at differing costs. As well as matching your tank to your needs and tastes you also, and more importantly, need to match the tank to your fishes needs. If you have decided on what type of fish you would like to keep, tropical, cold water goldfish, temperate fish, large fish, make sure that the tank you choose is suitable for your fish to live in for their entire lives. Research the fish that you are interested in and be sure you know their fully grown adult size and the size aquarium that they require. The aquarium that you choose should also have all the necessary equipment need to keep your fish healthy and alive like filter systems, heaters and lighting.

Tips For Buying Your Aquarium
Think carefully about where you are going to position your tank. Avoid any where near doors or loud areas such as near televisions or stereos. Also avoid placing your aquarium near radiators as this may cause your aquarium to over heat.

Old fashioned rectangular, long aquariums are the most suitable tanks for fish. This gives them more swimming space and a larger surface area helps your fish tank maitain a higher oxygen level.

Try to buy as larger tank as is possible. This always makes keeping fish a lot easier as larger volumes of water are more stable and less likely to develop water quality problems.

Remember that larger tanks will cost more to run and make sure that you are able to support your new hobby financially before taking the plunge!•

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