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Why is the grass greener on the other side?
So, you say the grass is greener on the other side? Interesting observation.
What makes the grass less green on your own side? What have you done to keep your grass green?

Because of this perception, we have been taught over centuries, that things are always better somewhere else; we fall into the trap thinking that when we “move” to where it seems better, the same trials will never feature again.
Well, think about it, how many times (after avoiding something) you just end up facing it again. Sure, it is difficult, painful and sometimes easier to avoid the obstacles altogether.
When we avoid it, however, it will just surface again wearing a different “coat”.
Example; Mary married her second husband thinking he is different from her first husband. She never worked through the divorce because she felt that her ex-husband made all the mistakes. After a while, married to her second husband, she discovers to her horror that he is indeed the same as the first. If Mary identified what the obstacles were in her first marriage, she might have solved them leading her to marry an entirely different man the second time.
We as humans are ‘ticking’ by ourselves. Our unconscious minds know when it is time to grow and then these obstacles come along. The same obstacle will continue to appear UNTIL you solved it once and for all. The solving part varies from forgiving, growing spiritually or emotionally, confronting someone, learning to love unconditionally, etc.
Obstacles have different forms and can be anything that will lead you to grow and move towards your full potential.

Are you experiencing obstacles in your life?

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