The Basic Guidelines On Dogs Life Span

Do you know that your dog is at the complete mercy of all the choices you make for his health and well-being? The options you have and the choices you make will not only affect how long your dog will be with you, but also the comfort and quality of life he has while he is with you. So, if you really want to know how to extend dog life span easily, read the tips given in this article:

1. If you have a male dog, don’t neuter it before his 1 year of age. Male dogs can grow up to 20% bigger than female dogs and therefore, they need extra testosterone for proper muscle development that would help them support their extra large skeleton.

2. Whenever possible, it is good to remember that our dogs have the higher chance to extend their life span by 1 year and 8 months longer when they are fit and healthy. When we say fit, it simply means that they have to be lean. Not in the sense that they no longer have the fats and chubby look whenever we look at them and hug them. Of course, a dog should be a little bit cuddly.

Being lean is being healthy for them. They should not be overweight and at the same time, underweight. When we feed them, we should consider giving them the balanced diet that they need. In that way, we are promoting a healthy approach for our dogs and pets.

3. When looking for the food of your dog, it is always good to check on the label. The first thing that you should check would be the calcium phosphorus ratio. It should be 1.2:1. This ratio is highly recommended because they need this for their growth and bone structure.
4. Not all the vaccines that are posted in the web are helpful. It is always good to act your veterinarian which ones are the most effective.

5. Doing research is one of the many things that can be beneficial when you want to extend the lifespan of your dog. There are a lot of resources online and that would mean finding information for quality nutrition.

6. For the record, corn is not a good source of protein and is considered as a kind of food that is difficult to digest by dogs. For that reason, corn should not be given to dogs because they might develop indigestion that might lead to complications.

7. Know the different cancer-causing agents – Do you know that there are many different dog cancer-causing agents? And believe it or not, some of them are included in many dog foods commercially sold. Thus, it is really necessary that you do your research on this to extend the dog life span of your dog.

Extending the dog life span of your dog is not that hard. You simply have to be aware of the things that can actually decrease their lifespan and of course those that can prolong their lifespan. •


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