Gifted Moments

“Yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow is but a dream, all we have is the present, which is why it is called a GIFT”
Our modern lives seem to be steeped in distraction allowing little time or space for contemplation of how much we have to appreciate each day. Basic necessities such as a roof over our heads, food on the table and work that enables us to provide are often taken for granted. Our blessings get “lost” in our apparent absorption in past glories or trials, preparing for happiness that always seems to be just around the corner based on “when I have”…..
Few people ever experience “perfect” moments, where they have the ideal job, joyous family relationships, and a supportive social life. Many people are focused so intently on creating the ideal scenario in their external circumstances that internal acknowledgement and appreciation for what is currently present is seldom experienced.
Yet there is an abundance of gifts in almost every moment of each person’s day – your work may not be your dream job, but to the unemployed you have their dream! Your family may squabble and be demanding, but survivors of tragedies would consider you blessed, you may not be perfectly fit, but being able to walk, see, hear, think are all privileges that many people do not have.
It is all a matter of perspective, but taking a step back from perpetual busyness and the consumer lifestyle may feel difficult to achieve. Try to take five minutes out, consciously, twice each day and use your five senses to become completely aware of all the wonderful blessings surrounding you in those moments.
When you realise how each moment of the day is steeped in uncountable riches you are living in the GIFT of the present. The more moments that you can live like this, the more consistently you are creating a past that is a beautiful memory and can look forward to a future that may not be as perfect as you want it to be, but it can be immeasurably better than focusing on all that you don’t and may never have.
There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way. Moment by moment appreciation is only the beginning.
Have a happy week…..moment by moment. •

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