Strategic Balance

There are many diverse views on life – from the happy-go-lucky bohemian possibility that love and experience are more valuable than material possessions to the positively mercenary where money has value over all else – even one’s own family.
Perhaps one of life’s most interesting journeys is discovering where one’s personal financial philosophy lies between the two extremes and perfecting the art of creating a lifestyle that supports this philosophy.
This may from time to time require a change of focus on different activities to create the environment that will foster and support long term goals and dreams. A person who sets the goal of more time to be spent with family and friends or other interests may need to invest extra time and effort to create an environment where all priorities can be met.
Someone determined to retire as early and financially well off as possible may have to sacrifice all thought of a rewarding family life and may not have the health necessary to enjoy the objective if achieved.
Like any long term strategy it is necessary to have self-awareness to be able to determine what your objectives are, this determines your priorities and how you invest the resources available to produce income – time, money and effort. It is essential that adequate contemplation and research is invested in developing this foundation as it will be the basis of building your financial future.
Without identifying what is important to you it is impossible to imagine what shape your future might take. The most common mistake that people make is to live life as observers – reacting to external circumstances, rather than as participants who are not only pro-active, but are more resilient in overcoming unanticipated setbacks.
As the saying goes “Both a beggar and a millionaire have twenty four hours in a day. It is what they choose to do with them that makes the difference.” •

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