Journalist Glenn Murray takes a closer look at Expedition Africa and the World Adventure Racing Series for CXPress newspaper in anticipation of Expedition Africa in the Garden Route this May.

“At the time of writing the last straggling teams taking part in the World Adventure Racing Championships in Brazil were crossing the finish line 4 days behind the winning team. That winning team was the seemingly unbeatable Team Seagate from New Zealand who finished the 700 km event in 160 hours.

The team of four, 3 males and a female athlete (the rules state that at least one member of the team must be female) had just swam, ran, cycled and paddled through the Brazilian Pantanal in sleep deprived states’ orienteering and navigating their way to the various check points which are supposed to keep the teams on course. Amazingly they were the only team to complete the entire route and not miss any checkpoints.

The Adventure Racing World Series consists of 9 events worldwide and each year one of these event’s is chosen as the world championship. The circuit has been around since 2001 and the Southern African edition “Expedition Africa“ joined in 2012.

Last year it took place in Swaziland. Before that it was held in the Drakensberg, Port Alfred and Port Edward. Next year it will be held on the Garden Route and will start and finish at Pine Lake Marina, outside Sedgefield.”

Racers competing in Expedition Africa will traverse some 500+km of the Garden Route in this incredible adventure racing challenge.

Find out more about Expedition Africa, their exciting live tracking system and the local teams that will be competing.


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