Birds of Eden turning 10!


Birds of Eden, Plettenberg Bay, FairTrade Accredited, bird sanctuary, PlettBirds of Eden, the only FairTrade Accredited bird sanctuary in the world is turning 10 on the 15th of December 2015!

Birds of Eden was created with the intention of re-homing a number of unwanted birds, giving them the opportunity to live in a more natural environment. We first opened our doors to the public on 15th December 2005 and is the world’s largest free-flight multi-species bird dome/aviary. There are roughly 3500 birds in the sanctuary, comprising of over 200 species.

The sanctuary covers an area that is about as big as 3 football fields. With the valleys and touring canopies we had to put up masts ranging in heights from 2 to 34 meters. Over 100km of cable and 8 tonnes of KnitMesh now cover the 3.2 hectare dome.

Birds of Eden, Plettenberg Bay, FairTrade Accredited, bird sanctuary, PlettBirds of Eden was built using unskilled labour from the neighbouring community of Kurland Village. The project took four and a half years to complete, without a single IOD (injury on duty) incurred in the building process.

Birds of Eden has a river that runs through the entire park in a closed system, which means no pollution of any other water source is possible, giving our animals clean water. An enjoyable part of our river is that you can walk behind our man made waterfall, this makes for excellent photos.

We reflect back on the last 10 years as we reach the date on which we will celebrate our 10th birthday!

Birds of Eden, Plettenberg Bay, FairTrade Accredited, bird sanctuary, PlettWe will be celebrating 1000’s of birds that are now living free from human interference, free to fly, free to be! We celebrate 10 years of training unskilled labourers and seeing them grow and move on to bigger things. We celebrate 10 years of our own growth as a sanctuary that first housed only birds and now is home to squirrels, blue duikers, giant fruit bats, fish and even a collection of primates.

We are delighted to inform everyone that the Mist that was once a much loved aspect of our sanctuary is currently being re-installed and will be up and running on our birthday.

Thus for an amazing visit, make sure to come and celebrate our birthday with us.•

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