Monday 17th August 2015
Earthflight : Part 2 of 6 : Africa
We will see Storks migrate from Southern Africa to North Europe
Vulture circle above Wildebeest migration of the Serengeti
and other birds like Cape Gannets, Fish Eagles and Flamingos
10H00 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-Ordinator: Lynette Timme 044-535-9041

Tuesday 18th August 2015
Italian Conversation
10H00 at 12 Challenge Drive
Co-ordinator: Brenda Hardy 044-533-5489

Wednesday 19th August 2015
Medical Matters : Dr Giovanni Coci
He will address us on the subject of Strokes
and other Cardiovascular Problems
10H00 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-ordinator: Lynette Timme 044-535-9041

Friday 21st August 2015
Tai Chi Class by Jennie Anderson
09H00 to 09H45 at St Peter’s Church Hall
Please present your U3A membership card
Co-ordinator: Jennie Anderson 044-533-0089

Friday 21st August 2015
French Conversation
10H30 to confirm with Ingrid
Co-ordinator: Ingrid James 044-533-0212

Friday 21st August 2015
Mah Jong : Ancient Fascinating Game
13H30 at Formosa Garden Village Small Dining Room
Co-ordinator: Amelia White 044-533-0113

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