Monday 3rd August 2015
A History of Christianity : Part 2 of 6 : Catholicism
The unpredictable rise of Rome and interpretations of the
meaning of Christ’s teaching presented major challenges
10H00 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-Ordinator: Michael Lond 044-533-0018

Tuesday 4th August 2015
Italian Conversation
10H00 at 12 Challenge Drive
Co-ordinator: Brenda Hardy 044-533-5489

Wednesday 5th August 2015
Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches ( Gold Beach )
David Hall-Green will present a DVD about the D-day landings in 1944
but not many are aware of the enormous task of building the artificial harbour
10H00 at Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Co-ordinator: Christo Vlok 044-533-5155

Friday 7th August 2015
Tai Chi class by Jennie Anderson
09H00 to 09H45 at St Peter’s Church Hall
Please present your U3A card or contact 072-128-7424
Co-ordinator: Jennie Anderson 044-533-0089

Friday 7th August 2015
French Conversation
10H30 to confirm with Ingrid
Co-ordinator: Ingrid James 044-533-0212

Friday 7th August 2015
Mah Jong : Ancient Fascinating Game
13H30 at Formosa Garden Village Small Dining Room
Co-ordinator: Amelia White 044-533-0113

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