AKC Cavalier Spaniel

The AKC Cavalier Spaniel is beautifully small with dark round expressive eyes that are large but not too prominent. Its tail is sometime docked to no less than three times its length. The AKC Cavalier Spaniel has a conical muzzle and a flat skull. It also has a shallow stop, with well developed nose and wide nostrils. The ears are long with a lot of feathering. It also carries a silky coat on its flesh, which can sometimes be slightly wavy and comes in ruby, black and tan, tri-colour and Blenheim, which is a rich chestnut on a pearly-white background. On Blenheim dogs, a chestnut-red spot on top of the head and between the ears is preferred by breeders.

The AKC Cavalier Spaniel is an eager, highly affectionate tail-wagging dog. It is very lively, outgoing and sporty. These are fearless dogs that want to please their owners. They are intelligent enough to understand what you would be wanting and therefore are commonly easy to train and respond well to gentle obedience training.

These dogs are said to be naturally well behaved animals and they get along well with other dogs and also with the non-canine pets. AKC Cavalier Spaniel love and adore people and they require loads of companionship and love to be satisfied and joyfully happy. It is suggested that they should not be left alone by themselves all day long. They are descended from hunting dogs and love to prance in the vast outdoors. This breed sometimes shows signs of a chasing instinct and therefore should be kept well enclosed or leashed so he does not get lost or get run down by a car!

They are best with older considerate children and some can be quite reserved with strangers. The AKC Cavalier Spaniel is a compassionate companion. It has a noteworthy sense of smell and vision, thus making it valuable for small hunts in the open country. It should be noted that they do very well in competitive obedience.

The dog is great for an apartment life. They are reasonably active indoors and a small yard should be adequate for them. However, it should be noted that they do not thrive well in very warm conditions.
Exercise and grooming are two very important factors in any animal’s life. Whatever exercise you can provide will be just fine with this adaptable dog, as they will soon adapt to your family’s circumstances. Nevertheless, they greatly enjoy romping around in the park. As for the grooming part, comb or brush your AKC Cavalier Spaniel with a firm bristle brush, and bathe or dry shampoo as need be. The feathered hair on the ears is prone to get tangled and matted, so this dog should be thoroughly groomed often. The hair between the pads of its feet should be kept trimmed and the ears should be cleaned regularly. Always make sure the dog is thoroughly dry and warm after a bath. You should also check the eyes carefully for any signs of infection. This dog is a frequent shedder.

So all set to get your new AKC Cavalier Spaniel as a companion? If yes then make sure that when you are purchasing your AKC Cavalier Spaniel it is truly an AKC registered dog with a seal. Sometimes an AKC bought pet from a pet shop or a backyard breeder can be highly unsafe. As it can be an illegal seal of AKC. Make sure that you purchase you AKC Cavalier Spaniel from a dependable breeder. Now go ahead and enjoy your new friend!.•

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