Why does trauma among staff affect their productivity and efficiency?
Unfortunately, all of us influence each other. When you spend time with someone who is down in the dumps, you automatically feel a bit lower than what you did before you spend time with that person. Say, for example, you are the one down in the dumps – you will feel a bit uplifted if you spent the time with someone in a more positive mood than you. This boils down to the law of vibrations. Our emotions determine our level of vibrations. The Law of vibration states; high vibration attracts high vibration and low vibration attracts low vibration. When a high vibration and low vibration meet up, both of them will change to the average of the vibration between them. This means that the high vibration will come down to the average and the low vibration will go up to the average.
When a staff member experienced a traumatic event, it inevitably has an effect on their emotions and this has an effect on their vibrations. They then enter the work environment, which toxifies the space between staff on which staff reacts.
Different levels of vibrations have a different impact on each individual. Please note that this happens unconsciously. We are rarely aware, though we can be, of what is happening unconsciously.

Let’s look at an example;
Jim got divorced and feels disappointed and discouraged. He has 5 colleagues; Lisa, Fred, Jack, Paul and Lara. The disappointment in Jim triggers the failure feeling in Lisa and the feminism in Lara but triggers the abandonment in Fred. Jack experiences an uplift knowing he is not the only one experiencing bad things in his life. As for Paul, it reminds him of his divorce a couple of years back.
The negative impact those emotions have on each of their productivity and efficiency is their unconscious mind associating that emotion with their work environment. Every time they come to work the emotions are triggered. Have you tried to be productive feeling severe emotions?

What can be done then?
Staff need to;
•Understand how their conscious and unconscious mind works in order to take control over their emotions.
•Learn to handle different environments in order to help protect themselves from different toxic atmospheres.
Employers need to;
•Give their best to create a proper work environment where staff can feel safe and secure.
•Make sure to develop their staff with appropriate skills to enhance their emotional life.



In the lead up to Plett ARTS Festival in June & July, be sure to catch the BATS production of Blithe Spirit, undoubtedly Noël Coward’s most celebrated and witty play.
Local theatre lovers can look forward to this enjoyable comedy about an upper-class household haunted by ghosts, when it is performed in Plett from Tuesday 20 to Saturday 24 June. This marvelous play has stood the test of time and continues to be performed somewhere on the globe, at any given time. It was recently featured on Broadway with the ageless Angela Lansbury as Madame Arcati. Some of us even recall the 1945 hit film, starring Rex Harrison.
David-Hall-Green, director, actor, stage designer and builder has gone to an enormous amount of trouble to create an authentic Art Deco set and the local actors, all gifted amateurs, have spent months perfecting their lines in this very challenging play.
Blithe Spirit promises to be as funny, fresh and farcical as it was when Noël Coward wrote it in war-ravaged London 75 years ago. Coward’s genius endures, and this latest BATS offering is sure to delight all audiences. Please do not miss the Gala Opening Night on Tuesday 20 June.
Gala Opening Night: Tuesday 20 June
Other performances: Wednesday 21 to Saturday 24 June
Time: 19h30
Cost: Opening night: R150.00.
Other nights: R100.00.
Tickets: Barney’s Kiosk in Market Square


Yes, Knysna is beautiful at any time of year, even in the quiet of winter. There’s usually plenty to do in this charming little town and the Turbine Boutique Hotel and Spa with its luxurious spa, elegant restaurant and welcoming Gastro Pub, created in the historic shell of a former power station, is the perfect place for the upcoming Fathers’ Day celebration or a warming winter weekend.
You have already treated your Mum to a special Mother’s Day and now it’s time to treat your Dad to something really special … the Turbine always has special packages on offer…and for Sunday 18 June the special Father’s Day offer includes a hearty a la carte breakfast OR a traditional Sunday Roast lunch with a Turbine Twist, plus a gift for Dad for only R150 per adult (R75 for kids u/12 – (3-course meal with a choice of roast and delectable desserts).
Breakfast: 07h00 – 11h00 and
Lunch: 12h00 – 16h00.
The Turbine is always an oasis of calm and the Spa’s ‘Warm up in June’ Special – valid for the month of June 2017 – a “warming “Back of the Body” Ritual, which includes a 60 min Hot Stone Massage, heated booties and a tummy-warming hot chocolate for only R550 per person will have you so chilled and relaxed you won’t want to leave.


The zipline project in Kranshoek, Western Cape has been approved and will be introduced as a new tourism product this financial year.
The successful bidder is SA Forest Adventures.
All activities including the zipline must comply with the Garden Route National Park’s zoning plan. The zoning of an area indicates what activities may take place in different sections and the conservation objectives of those sections
The Kranshoek zipline project is set to boost tourism for Knysna and the Garden Route. This after travel trends indicated South Africa would be among the best visited countries by adventure travellers in 2017 (travelstart.co.za), followed by Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Peru.