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JewEL is an Esoteric shop with Crystals and Gifts.
This name was Godly inspired. Even though it is a word commonly used this word means so much more. JewEL is derived from the first part which is Jew (a Group of People) and EL which is the end name or piece of a name that inspires Godliness = “Emanuel”.
The EL – Element also bind in with many Angel names, especially seeing that angels are the messenger of God and our helpers on earth.
So for me it means that God is blessing this venture and for all it stands and that I as an “Earth Angel” will inspire and help you in as much as I can in your quest to enlightment –
Bringing heaven and Earth together.
Most of the Crystals come for Brazil and the Ukraine and is of a very high quality. The shop also boasts a healing room on the premises, where people can come directly. The following healing modalities are on offer. Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Aura cleansing, Chakra balancing, Body alignment, Crystal Healing as well as Angel Reading.
The shop opened its door in May 2016 and is going from strength to strength. Since coming to Mossel Bay in 2011, I wanted to open my healing practise again. Now more than ever, it is time to do so, this time incorporating crystals too, and what they can do for you.
My shop is situated inside Green Door Guest house, Marsh Street, Mossel Bay. It’s such a beautiful space and has the exact ambiance I was looking for. People who walk in here can feel the peace and tranquillity it offers. I have a lovely bench, where people can sit and talk to me and where I can give them some soul counselling…… Here we meet as strangers, but go our separate ways as friends.
The most important message I would wish to send the community, is that everyone regardless of religion is welcome to stop by and come visit me, be it for a chat or more….there might be a little treasure waiting for you…..always keep an open mind, for God created all and gave us all to use for our highest good.

From me Tersia, to you, I wish you a superwonderful day.

Sending love and light to each of you reading this artical.

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LIFE… with Elsa

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Why is my staff demotivated?

We have all been taught to rely on our circumstances in order to make us happy or motivate us.
This is a dangerous concept because it means your happiness is depended on your circumstances.

Happiness and motivation are in fact something that needs to come from inside of us. When we connect to our inner life source and experience our joy and motivation from there, we will be happy and motivated no matter what the circumstances. When emotions/beliefs/habits and goals are in balance, this concept happens automatically.

How can we expect to reap joy when we never sow happy thoughts?

Everything we sow, we sow via our thoughts. Our thoughts will Manifest in our reality and then become what we reap! Yes, this means that self-loathing thoughts will also manifest.
What is the impact of unhappy/trouble staff members? I’m sure, if you are reading this, you know exactly what the impact is – they are very much unproductive plus they infect each other with negativity.
The key is then to shift your staff’s perception from ‘happiness and motivation comes from outer things’ to ‘happiness and motivation comes from inside yourself. ‘

How can one do this;

  • lead by example
  • treat staff as you would like them to behave.
  • provide staff with opportunities to find/enhance their inner life source
  • provide staff with tools to improve their emotional/thought life
  • listen and be prepared to build a relationship by understanding a heart BEFORE asking for a hand.

What can staff members do;

  • focus on the things you are grateful for
  • find the little joys in your daily life
  • change your attitude from “poor me” to “how fortunate am I”
  • search/enhance your inner life source.
  • if you are unhappy in your current job, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  • Remember: YOUR happiness is entirely up to YOU.

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Trimming your cat’s nails is not just a part of grooming, but is important for your cat’s health as well. Untrimmed nails can cause a variety of problems including broken nails that are painful and can bleed. A good indication that a cats’ nails are too long is that her unclipped nails get caught in the carpet, furniture, or your clothing.
How many of us put off clipping our cat’s nails until the inevitable veterinary check-up comes around and the veterinarian must do it? If you are like many cat owners, you may be hesitant to trim your cat’s nails because you are afraid of cutting the quick of the nail, which may cause pain or bleeding. Once you learn how to do it, clipping your cat’s nails is almost as easy as clipping your own.
When you are trimming your cat’s nails, you are only cutting away the excess. Recognizing what is excess and where the nerves and blood vessels begin is what you need to know to make nail trimming a painless process for both you and your cat.

To trim your cat’s nails:
Assemble what you will need – a high quality pair of trimmers and some styptic powder, such as Kwik-Stop, CutStop Styptic Pads, or other product to stop bleeding if you nick the quick.
You may want to sit on the floor with your cat, hold your cat in your lap, or have someone hold your cat on a table. Hold your cat’s paw firmly and push on her pads to extend the nail. Locate where the quick ends. With clear or light nails, it is easy to see the pink color where the quick ends.

Clipping a pet’s nails
Using a nail trimmer for cats, cut the nail below the quick on a 45-degree angle, with the cutting end of the nail clipper toward the end of the nail. You will be cutting off the finer point. In cats, the quick is generally easy to see, and you can cut the excess away with one cut.
In some cases, if the nails are brittle, the cut may tend to splinter the nail. In these cases, file the nail in a sweeping motion starting from the back of the nail and following the curve to the tip. Several strokes will remove any burrs and leave the nail smooth.
If your cat will tolerate it, do all four feet this way. If she will not, take a break. And do not forget the dewclaws. If not trimmed, dewclaws can grow so long they curl up and grow into the soft tissue, like a painful ingrown toe nail.
If you accidentally cut the quick, wipe off the blood and apply Kwik-Stop or styptic powder to stop the bleeding. It is not serious and will heal in a very short time.
Article Pic 1Some valuable tips:

Remember, it is better to trim a small amount on a regular basis.
Invest in a good pair of nail trimmers in an appropriate size for your cat. They can last a lifetime.
Make trimming time fun and not a struggle. Trimming your cat’s nails does not have to be a chore or unpleasant. If your cat is not used to having his nails trimmed, start slowly, and gradually work up to simply holding his toes firmly for 15-30 seconds. Do not let him mouth or bite at you. It can take daily handling for a week or more to get some cats used to this. When your cat tolerates having his feet held, clip just one nail, and if he is good, praise him and give him a tiny treat. Wait, and then at another time, do another nail. Continue until all nails have been trimmed. Slowly, you will be able to cut several nails in one sitting, and finally all the nails in one session.



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Redford Lane Wines, located in the heart of the winelands of Plettenberg Bay, introduces their first Truck & Vine Festival on the 10th of April.
Every season is a good season to be indulging in excellent wine and delicious food. This fall locals and visitors to Plettenberg Bay, will be celebrating the change of the season with an epic wine and food truck festival. Aimed at the whole family, this festival is set to become a premier annual event, the first of its kind in Plett’s ever growing wine and bubbly region.
On 10 April 2017 from 11AM to 5PM, Redford Lane Wines will be pulling out all the stops. Come and enjoy live music, on a floating stage no less, picnic baskets filled with delectable treats, gourmet food trucks and as much wine and craft beer as you can shake a stick at. There will be plenty of activities to keep the children entertained so that parents and grandparents can kick back, relax and have a ‘grape’ time!
To spoil you rotten and to ensure that you don’t arrive exhausted from organising food for the hungry clan, Redford Lane are providing various options to keep you well fed. Don’t dilly-dally, phone 082 566 4979 for more information. – THEGREMLIN


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5 Reasons you should book a spot on The Plett Trail in 2017

Ancient Wonders: walk through archaeological sites and caves dating back over 160 000 years and learn from experts about the cultures, tools and animals that roamed this grassland before the Ice Age.
Historical Cultures: experience the culture and music of the Kranshoek Griquas – one of the largest Griqua populations in South Africa and home to the Griqua National Heritage Monument.
Diverse Ecology & Birdlife: enjoy one of South Africa’s most unique soundscapes, home to 50% of South Africa’s endemics and just over 300 species of bird, including a number of sought after waders, migrants and pelagics.
Boutique Wine Farms: complete your full sensory experience by tasting some of the 200 000 bottles of wine and bubbly produced yearly, by boutique wine farms in the area.

Luxury Traditional Lodges: enjoy a well-deserved rest at the end of the day at one of Plett’s finest lodges.

For reservations, further information and enquiries contact Venture Beyond on

+27 (0)44 533 0882,
+27 (0)82 924 8349 or email or visit