The Guardian’s Fund falls under the administration of the Master of the High Court with each Master having their own Guardian’s Fund (in total 14 across South Africa). The Fund was created to hold and administer funds which are paid to the Master on behalf of various persons known or unknown.
These persons may include:

  • Minors
  • Persons incapable of managing
  • their own affairs
  • Unborn heirs
  • Missing or absent persons
  • Persons having an interest in the
  • moneys of a usufructuary,
  • fiduciary or fideicommissary nature.

All funds are administered free of charge and no administration costs is paid by the account holder.
The Master receives the money and opens an account in the books of the Fund in the name of the person to whom the money belongs or the estate of which that money forms part. The money will be invested with the Public Investment Corporation and interest accrues on a monthly basis at an annual rate, determined by the minister of finance. Interest is paid for a period from a month after receipt up to 5 years after it has become claimable, unless it is legally claimed before such expiration. The Fund is also audited annually.
Your guardian, tutor, curator or person looking after you may by way of an application (Form J341) supported by quotations and accounts claim maintenance payments on your behalf. To ensure that these funds are not abused, arrangements can be made for the money to be paid directly to the specific service providers/creditors. Maintenance costs would include: school, university fees, clothing, outdoor activities and medical fees etc. An amount up to R250 000 of the invested capital and all accrued interest could be utilised for these needs.
Now that you reached majority age (18 years), got married or by declaration of the High Court of majority, you are entitled to claim your capital investment with accrued interest. This is done by way of an application (Form J251) supported by your certified identity document/passport, marriage certificate if applicable, fingerprints and/or an order of court if applicable. Keep in mind however that a testator may stipulate another age as majority (for example the age of 21 years) when a beneficiary is entitled to the invested capital, but then interest will only accrue to the age of 21 years.
It is of great importance to keep in mind that money which remains unclaimed in the Fund for a period of 30 years as from the date, upon which the person became entitled to claim it, is forfeited to the state.
If there is a possibility that someone could have left you funds when you were still a minor, my advice would be to keep reading the Government Gazette every year during September when all accounts that have become claimable will be advertised. Should you miss one of the issues, don’t despair as the account is advertised three times.
If your grandparents left you fixed property, the executor of their estate could transfer the property to your name or sell the property (with the Master’s written consent of course) and deposit the proceeds of the sale to the Fund.
It however is not advisable for anyone to bequeath fixed property to a minor (although not against the law) as it becomes more complicated to deal with the property once registered in the minor’s name due to the fact that a minor does not have contractual capacity.

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) has officially asked the Electoral Court for a recount of votes in the Bitou Municipality.The party filed an application with the court on Thursday afternoon, claiming votes at one voting station in Plettenberg Bay don’t add up.
It missed out on a majority by just over 40 votes.A successful appeal could provide complications as a mayor in the Active United Front and African National Congress-led council was inaugurated last week.
The DA’s constituency head for Bitou Donald Grant said, “We are hoping they will review these papers and respond positively to us within 10 days from last Thursday.”Grant says other parties are welcome to make inputs.
“It’s standard practice that all the people who have contested that ward gave receive the papers and if they wish to, they can submit their own information to the Electoral Court.”
It’s unclear when the matter will be decided. -TheGremlin


Cancer is a moment of reality, a wake-up call and it is now time to take action, take responsibility and change your lifestyle!

Here are a few steps which can be taken immediately to help your body.Later you will understand the importance of each item listed here:
1. Do not use any sugar or sweeteners except raw organic unpasteurized honey, raisins and dates.
2. No dairy…no milk or cheese…NOTHING.
3. No refined SALT, or little Himalayan salt or earth salt.
4. No MEAT or FISH. (pork, venison and chicken)
5. Eat 50% raw food per day, cook other food over low heat, slow cooking. Eat lots of vegetables, all types and as organic as possible.
6. Remember vegetables contain a lot of protein. Potato, sweet potato, carrots, cooked spinach, cabbage, onions, pumpkins, butternut, egg plant, corn etc., all very nutritious. Eat vegetables every afternoon and evening, and vegetable soups.
7. Drink organic herbal teas, vegetable juices and smoothies.
8. Drink about 1lt of water per 30kg of body weight, good filtered water daily. Vegetable juices and herbal teas may also contribute to this amount.
9. Eat breakfast; do not skip it – fresh fruit in season with milled seeds and flax seed oil.
10. Organic, freshly rolled Oats for breakfast. Jungle Oats is not organic and not healthy. Get your freshly rolled oats from a health shop or from our centre. NO Instant porridge.
11. NO BREAD bought in any shop, except 100% organic rye bread. Rather try baking your own with organic rye flour, also available from health shops or from our centre.
12. No Deodorant. Use Colloidal Silver under arms.
13. No Smoking.
14. No Alchohol.
15. No deep fried food…. no sunflower oil or canola oil! Use organic coconut oil for shallow baking. Organic Flax seed oil or virgin cold pressed olive oil for salad dressings and over fruit and to pour over other baked foods, after baked.
16. NO Sweets, cake, chocolate… You can make your own healthy sweets.. NO Sugar!
17. No Soda Drinks like coke or diet sodas! Also not even 100% fruit juice! Do not drink it, you only drink fruit or vegetable juice you make yourself.
18. No instant coffee or Joko or Five Roses Tea. If it’s to difficult to just get off coffee, drink one cup black filter coffee with raw honey.
19. No processed foods! Nothing that went through a “process”, eat whole-food, plant based food, as close as possible in its raw natural state.

Nutrient deficiency and toxification (toxins/poisons) is the cause of most diseases!
As said above, we do have huge amounts of resources, information and proof, and are convinced that a natural therapy is the best option for quality life and healing your body naturally. There are precious testimonies of many people who followed a natural protocol. It is important that you will make the right decision in your heart about what treatment you want to follow, either the natural way or the conventional way. Please contact us for further information to discuss any possibilities or options. We do offer consultations to assist with more detailed advice. (Please book a consultation if required) We would like to assist and help where possible.
You are welcome to Google “Dr Max Gerson”. We do have all their films and many other resources at the centre to educate those who want to learn. Why we believe and would suggest the Advanced Gerson Therapy as a protocol to follow? It’s the only natural treatment protocol that has a 90+ year track record inclusive of case studies and proven records with a detailed outline to assist in healing many lifestyle diseases. We do have many testimonies as proof that this therapy truly provides a better quality of life.
Please visit our website

(Views and opinions expressed in this article are from case studies and a holistic approach towards assisting the body to heal itself.)

Wellness & Lifestyle Centre Stilbaai
Western Cape, South Africa
T: 028 754 3736

KNYSNA ARTS FESTIVAL (1 ­ 9 October, 2016)

The performing arts, visual arts, workshops, lectures and discussions ­ the second independentKnysna Arts Festival is brought to you by Lew Geffen | Sotheby’s International Realty, Knysna, with the backing of Knysna & Partners.
Comedy to headline Knysna Arts Festival’s performance programme Hash Tag Lottering! ­ Marc Lottering’s hilarious new single­handed stand­up comedy show ­ will headline the performing arts programme at this year’s Knysna Arts Festival.
“Marc has to be one of South Africa’s top comedians, and the fact that he’ll be here forthe Knysna Arts Festival is an exciting measure of the high quality that the Festival is aiming to achieve,” said Peter Mare, principal of Lew Geffen | Sotheby’s International Realty, Knysna, the festival’s chief sponsor.
He said that the Arts Festival has grown substantially this year. “Fitting so many elements into the programme has been a massive job, but I think the organisers have thought of everything. They’ve even scheduled Hash Tag Lottering! ­ which will play in the Montessori Amphitheatre on the 8th of October ­ to begin at 8:00p.m.
“This is because the big game in Durban kicks off at five past five ­ which gives the Springboks (and local fans) plenty of time to demonstrate the fine art of South African rugby to the All Blacks before Marc’s show begins.”
Exciting entertainment:
The shows Ilizwi, by Ingrid Wylde and Vuyo Jack, Dianne Simpson’s Rose Red, and ‘Oom Schalk from the Heart’ (David Muller’s interpretation of Herman Charles Bosman’s beloved bushveld stories) will also feature on the Art Festival programme, alongside a number of lectures, workshops and outings.
Set in the ‘50s and ‘60s in Meadowlands and Soweto, Ilizwi (‘Voice’ in isiXhosa) is a love story told via the best of South African jazz, with original compositions by Zanika Mehta alongside favourites like Meadowlands, Ntyiko, Ntyilo, Lakutshoni Langa, and Weekend Special.
In Rose Red, Dianne Simpson takes a fresh look at the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale, Snow White, from the perspective of its least likeable character: the horrible stepmother and Evil Queen (“Who’s the fairest of them all?”). The storytelling is interwoven with songs by Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Tori Amos, Rufus Wainwright, Sarah McLachlan, and others.
Festival manager Owen Roberts said that the fringe programme is designed to create interaction between presenters and festinos.
“The fringe includes a special presentation on ‘Economic Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World,’ by the retired governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Gill Marcus, as well as lectures and guided walks by photographers, historians and military specialists, and field outings such as a visit to Robert Leggat’s bronze foundry in Harkerville, and a beach walk with the Knysna Basin Project.
“The whole idea is to use the festival as a platform for sharing knowledge, while at the same time appreciating the diversity of area through our various cultures,” he said.
Visual arts:
“Painting, drawing, and sculpture will always remain the anchor tenants of the Knysna Arts Festival, which is why we believe that the planned exhibition of South African Masters that will be presented by Knysna Fine Art at the Festival’s Art Hub will be a particularly significant event,” said Greg Vogt, the CEO of the town’s destination management and marketing organisation, Knysna & Partners.

Knysna Fine Art is one of South Africa’s largest and most successful commercial galleries.
Featured artists on this year’s Festival programme include sculptor Veronica de Voogt, her husband, the photographer Willem de Voogt, and painters Sue Kemp, Bob McKenzie, and father­and­son team Dale and Mel Elliot. (Dale founded the original Knysna Art Festival ­ which ran for about 10 years from the mid­90s, and which was revived in 2015 by Owen Roberts and his team.)
Mr. Vogt said that bookings for performances and the fringe programme will open on 1 September ­ Spring Day in the Southern Hemisphere.
“Tickets will be available online via iTickets and the region’s Garden Route & Klein Karoo
Tourism App, and also ­ for anyone who doesn’t have access to the net, or who might struggle with the technology ­ from Sotheby’s International Realty in Knysna, Sedgefield or Mossel Bay, where trained staff will process electronic purchases on your behalf.”
He encouraged everyone to follow the hashtag #ArtFestKnysna on Twitter, and to like

KnysnaArtsFestival on Facebook.

“We’re looking forward to the Knysna Arts Festival and its ‘Displays of Brilliance’,” he said.


When it comes to alcohol, how much is too much? Find out what the experts recommend and how to recognize the signs that you’re drinking too much.
A large number of studies have shown that moderate alcohol intake can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease in men and women. Moderate drinking means one drink per day for women and one to two for men, says Donald Novey, MD, an integrative medicine physician with the Advocate Medical Group in Park Ridge, Ill. “The difference in amounts is because of how men and women metabolize alcohol,” Dr. Novey explains.
“When you say one drink, the size of that drink matters,” Novey adds.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture one drink is equal to:
12 ounces of beer or
5 ounces of wine or
1½ ounces of spirits (hard liquor such
as gin or whiskey, 80-proof)

The Dangers of Drinking Too Much:

Unfortunately, some people can’t stop at just one or two drinks. Too much alcohol can result in serious health consequences. Heavy alcohol intake can damage the liver, causing cirrhosis, a fatal disease. Excessive drinking also can raise blood pressure and damage the heart, and is linked to many different cancers, including mouth, esophagus, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers. The health risks are even greater for those who not only drink but smoke as well.
The consequences of excessive drinking can be serious not only for the alcoholic, but also for their friends, family, and even innocent bystanders. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than 16,000 people die each year in automobile accidents that involve drunken drivers. Other data indicates that one in three violent crimes involves the use of alcohol and as many as three out of four violent incidents against a spouse involve alcohol. “Alcohol is a depressant. It makes people sad over time, not happy,” Novey says. When depressed, people can do some rather unfortunate things to themselves and their loved ones.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse:

How can you tell if you or someone you know might have a drinking problem? Physicians often use the CAGE test, which involves four simple questions.

Novey says:
Cutting down. Have you ever felt you should cut down on your drinking?
Annoyance by criticism. Have people annoyed you by criticizing your drinking?
Guilty feeling. Have you ever felt guilty about drinking alcohol?
Eye-openers. Have you ever had a drink first thing in the morning to  steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover (an “eye- opener”)?

If the answer to just one of these questions is yes, a drinking problem is likely and professional help is needed, Novey says.

Other signs of a drinking problem:

You find you can’t stop drinking once you start.
You’re having problems at work or at school.
Other people notice your drinking and  comment on it.
You can’t remember what you did  when you were drinking alcohol.

Moderation Rules:
Consuming no more than one drink a day for women and no more than two drinks for men is safe, and perhaps even heart healthy. On the other hand, excessive drinking can have serious consequences. If you think you may have a drinking problem or suspect that someone you love does, seek professional help. Contact your family physician or a support group for substance abuse before irreparable damage is done.