Monday 5th October 2015
Earthflight:Part 5 of 6 : Asia and Australia
The two continents viewed from birds above India, China,
Japanand Australia overlooking from mountains to deserts.
10H00 in Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Contact : Lynette Timme 044-535-9041

Tuesday 6th October 2015
Italian Conversation
10H00 at 12 Challenge Drive
Contact : Brenda Hardy 044-533-5489

Wednesday 7th October 2015
The Genius of Design : Part 5 of 5 : Objects of Desire
Lifestyles from the 70s to the 90s
10H00 in Formosa Garden Village Lounge
Contact : Henri Timme 044-535-9041

Friday 9th October 2015
Tai Chi Class for U3A members
09H00 to 09H45 at St Peter’s Church Hall
Contact : Jennie Anderson 044-533-0089

Friday 9th October 2015
French Coversation
10H30 at 7 Glennifer Street
Contact : Merle Decot 044-533-5879

Friday 9th October 2015
MahJong : Ancient Game
13H30 in FGV Small Dining Room
Contact :Amelia White 044-533-0113

Tips on how to relax after a long day

We all know it can be exhausting to be working a lot over a long period of time. Sometimes when I’ve been working hard, I can find it hard to relax even though I’m really tired. However, I believe that spending quality time outside work (or in my case, my studies) is important to improve your performance. Whether it is physical labour or hard thought-work, we all need to relax at the end of the day. Here are tips on how to relax after a lovely day of work:
Tidy or clean. It may sound strange to start a tip on how to relax with advice to do even more work. I know tidying and cleaning can be exhausting in itself, but for the purpose of relaxing better, I really recommend to spend about 15 minutes to clean the room where you’ll be spending quality time. Just put everything into drawers and closets (you can clean them later) and clean the empty surfaces. Use a detergent that smells clean, and you’ll fool yourself into thinking that there’s no house work to do tonight. It’ll be so much better to relax when you are not constantly reminded of what you need to do or should have done.
Use scents. For relaxing, I really recommend using scents. Personally, I love lavender. I have a small bag of dried lavender next to my bed that I sometimes put under my pillow. So soothing! I can also recommend using scented candles or an oil burner. Other relaxing scents include chamomile, ylang ylang, clary sage, bergamot, frankincense, and sandalwood. Scents work differently from person to person, and you should experiment to figure out what works for you!
Eat good food. When it comes to relaxing, it is important for me to enjoy a good meal. Try to make the process of cooking a goal in itself. Use the best ingredients available and make the food as tasty as you possibly can! You’re gonna thank yourself later when you sit down and eat the treats that you made. Just make sure you don’t stress with cooking just because you have to. If you’re exhausted, you should consider ordering food just for this night. But don’t make it a habit! It’s not good for you in the long run. I suggest browsing the recipes on Smitten Kitchen. Yum!
Have a glass of wine. If you can drink it legally. I find red wine in small amounts very relaxing with food or a good book. If you can’t or won’t drink alcohol, I recommend chamomile tea. It’s very relaxing, making your body feel heavy and relaxed. Tea is great to combine with a long bath!
Do something that takes your mind off things. Books. A movie. Making art. All are great to keep your mind off everything and let your body relax. For books, I really recommend Shantaram, Norwegian Wood and Never Let Me Go. For films, I really like Lost in Translation, Vicky Christina Barcelona and Once. I can also recommend to create something visual. Be creative! This is really important if your work doesn’t give you the opportunity to be creative during the day. Creativity helps us develop ourselves!
Wear comfortable clothes. I really do believe that the clothes we wear can help us accomplish something. If I want to feel good, I put on pretty clothes. That’s right, I relax better in a skirt than in a comfy pajamas. For me, relaxing is all about doing the small things that makes me happy. Give yourself time to be you. Wear the clothes that help you accomplish this and you’ll be on the right track!
Sleep. Get to bed early. After you get home, spend some time with friends or some quality time alone, have a nice meal, do something you like. You’ll probably be very relaxed and comfortable. Now it’s time to sleep! It is important to get a good night’s sleep if you are planning on being productive the next day and to have the energy to do something nice after work. If you are working hard for a long period of time, enough sleep is essential to keep you going. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Feel your body relax and let go.•

Attention Fit Foodies!

This October holiday we’re celebrating more than just the Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival – the week of 1 – 11 October will be showcasing Plett as an outdoor sporting destination to rival any in the country.

Robberg Xpress Trail Run in the Robberg Nature Reserve – this unique run supported by Cape Nature, will be held on Saturday 3rd October and entry is open for the scenic 10km route around Robberg and the family-friendly 5km “Shyshark” route. Test your mettle against the majestic Robberg Peninsula and enjoy a run around Plett’s iconic National Monument.

The popular Breast Cancer Awareness Walk will take place on Monday 5th October. Dress up in pink to support this worthy cause and take a walk through the beautiful town of Plett.

Golfers will love the Sasfin Plett Classic golf on Thursday 8th October at the Plettenberg Bay Country Club. The club is located within a nature reserve and entry includes a ticket to the Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival.

The popular mountain bike race, Tour de Plett will take place on 10th October with a grand finish at the Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival on Central Beach. This year’s races include an 85km marathon, 55km half-marathon and a 20km fun ride. It’s a spectacular route with profits going to the Kwanokuthula Cycling Academy and entry includes a ticket to the Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival.

For more information please visit www.plett-tourism.co.za/events/tour-de-plett-2015/


National Parks Week: More than 4000 visitors

A total of 4 383 South Africans visited the Garden Route National Park (GRNP) during South African National Parks Week, from September 14 to 19.

SA National Parks Week is a campaign sponsored by FNB and Total SA.

Nandi Mgwadlamba, communication manager for SANParks, said, that 1 619 people visited Knysna (where the Featherbed Company ferried approximately 350 on the Knysna Estuary, which falls in the GRNP), 1 567 visited the Wilderness section and 1 197 the Tsitsikamma part of the park.

Acting general manager for the GRNP, Johan de Klerk, said, “This is an increase from last year by at least 346 visitors. It is encouraging to see so many local visitors responded to our call.” The SA Week campaign in the Garden Route kicked off on September 14 at an information session organised for locals in Harkerville, Knysna.

In Tsitsikamma, Segway tours were provided to local community members who would otherwise not be able to afford the experience. Learners from Coldstream, Woodlands and Storms River primary schools were taken on a guided Cultural Heritage Walk down the old Storms River Pass.

“In Wilderness, an orchestra in the park and a potjiekos competition drew the attention of most visitors. In all three parks, daily hikes and educational talks were scheduled. Domestic tourists contributed a total of R24.3-billion to the South African economy in 2013. In addition, the direct tourism contribution to GDP was R93-billion or 3% according to 2012 statistics.”

According to De Klerk, the GRNP is encouraged by recent figures and also global eco-tourism trends that are on an upward trajectory.

“To keep the momentum, the GRNP is planning an open day for cyclists (in November in Knysna), a self-drive route in the forest areas (Knysna), a fun day (Tsitsikamma), and carols by candlelight in the forest (Wilderness).”

For more on the Garden Route National Park, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, and Twitter.

Plett a winner in Tripadvisor awards

Plettenberg Bay named a winner in 2015 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards for Destinations

Plettenberg Bay Tourism today announced it has been recognized as a winner in the 2015 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice™ awards for Destinations, ranking fourth out of 10. For the seventh year, TripAdvisor has highlighted the world’s top destinations based on the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions in destinations worldwide, gathered over a 12-month period.

“This town is a real gem, and we recommend it thoroughly for a stop on the Garden Route.” Review by TripAdvisor traveler africatravel00

“These world-class destinations chosen by our community are rich in history, culture and beauty and offer endless sights to explore,” said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor. “To help travelers discover these cities, TripAdvisor has surfaced value hotel options that are bookable on the site, along with fantastic places to eat and play.”

To see TripAdvisor traveler reviews and opinions of Plettenberg Bay.

For all of the 2015 Travelers’ Choice award-winning destinations, go to TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Destinations

Travelers can also follow the conversation on Twitter at #travelerschoice.

Plett Tourism•

Is my dog on heat? And what you can expect…

Your dog is acting strangely, and you’ve noticed some spots on the floor. It could mean you have a dog in heat. What do you need to do about it? What can you expect?

What Does Being “In Heat” Mean?
When you have a female dog in heat, it means that she is, or is about to become, sexually receptive to male dogs, according to Dr. Norm Stillman, the founder of Court Street Animal Hospital in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She is advertising that she is able to conceive. Only female dogs go into heat, and it’s only during heat that they can become pregnant.

Signs That Your Dog is in Heat
Dr. Stillman says that the signs of a dog in heat are unmistakable and include the following:
She will exhibit behavioral changes such as becoming more affectionate with you and paying more attention to male dogs.
She will get her period. Yup, dogs get this too!
She may attempt to mount other dogs or allow herself to be mounted.
And, if you’re still questioning matters, you can check under the hood — her vulva will swell to up to four times its normal size.

Age, Frequency and Length of Heats
The age when heats begin for a dog is variable. They can be as young as six months and as old as 14 months. Dr. Stillman says it often correlates to the dog’s size, adding, “Smaller dogs are more likely to go into heat earlier.”

Dogs are typically in heat for about two to four weeks. Most females will go into heat twice a year, approximately every six months. Certain breeds, like the basenji and the Rhodesian ridgeback, only go into heat once a year. You will know that the heat is starting to taper off when heat behaviors lessen and the dog’s discharge turns from red blood to clear fluid. Female dogs will typically stop having heats when they are 9 or 10 years old.

Keep the Boys Away
It is crucial to keep a dog in heat away from male dogs if you want to prevent pregnancy. “Males are very inventive and will climb fences or try to enter your house. They will follow a scent trail across the neighborhood,” warns Dr. Stillman. A female dog in heat will give out a specific scent only detectable by other dogs, so don’t be surprised to find several male dog at your door! When walking your dog in heat, make sure she is securely leashed and close to you at all times.

Get Some Doggie Undies
She will bleed everywhere, so Dr. Stillman suggests purchasing some doggie hot pants or diapers, and then tucking a regular human maxi pad inside. Such dog panties are machine washable and will help keep your house and furnishings clean.

Keep Her Groomed
She may need to be groomed while she’s in heat, with a particular focus on the fur around her private parts, so that bloody discharge doesn’t dry in her fur.

Consider Spaying Your Dog
Spaying is a surgical procedure that prevents a female dog from reproducing. Dr. Stillman advises any owners that don’t intend to use their dogs for breeding to spay their dogs, as “pregnancy causes a lot of wear and tear on a dog, uses up a lot of their resources and is expensive for owners — and the risk of complications is high.”

He goes on to say if your dog does become pregnant, you will need to find homes for up to 12 puppies. Spayed female dogs show lower incidence of breast, ovarian and cervical cancers, and typically live longer.

The old timber shed receives some tlc

This “store”, built in the days of the Dutch East India Company, is one of the oldest historical relics on the South-East Coast of the Western Cape. It was declared a National Monument in 1936.

The building’s construction was approved by Governor Joachim van Plettenberg, who hoped that this Bay would become a port from which forest timber would be exported. The specifications which were given to Mr Johan Jacob Jerling who was commissioned to build the storehouse were: 61m in length, 6,7m in width and walls were to be 610mm breadth.

Construction was completed in 1788 and the first load of timber was taken out of the “store” in August 1788.

The Plett Historical Society (Mr David Rowe) approached the HOD Strategic Services, Mr David Friedman regarding possible assistance from Bitou Municipality with some general housekeeping on this National Monument as alien vegetation was causing damage to the structure. Together with Mr John Booyens (Horticulturist) from the Parks and Recreation Division of Bitou, a team of enthusiastic staff was assembled to attend to the requests.

They recently sprayed systemic herbicide on the plants growing in the cracks of the walls. The weed growth cannot be removed manually from the historic walls as it will interfere or damage the brick structure. It will need 3-4 weeks to disintegrate naturally. Special free standing ladders were used so as not to touch the wall surface. Lantana weeds around the building were also treated with systemic herbicide and will be removed at a later stage.

Overhanging trees were trimmed and lawn mowed opening up vistas previously not enjoyed from the site. There is still some tiding up to do and possible lighting to be installed. The surrounding area is being cleared of all alien vegetation and generally being neatened up.

The work is important so as to protect the walls from further damage and to beautify the area as a tourist attraction and asset. If the work had not been done the wall structure would in all probability have eventually been damaged, in all possibility what has happened in the past.


Knysna to host big regatta

Knysna will once again host the annual Midway Classic Regatta and Heads Race.

The event, organised by Western Cape Rowing, takes place on Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18 at Belvidere Estate.

“The event is fast becoming a flagship event for rowing in South Africa with the 2015 event drawing top crews from the Western Cape (Bishops Diocesan College, South African College School, Rondebosch Boys’ High School, Somerset College and Peninsula Girls Rowing Club) and Eastern Cape (Grey College PE, Clarendon School, Diocesan School for Girls, St Andrew’s College, Zwartkops Rowing Club and Selborne College),” said Greta Engelbrecht, president of Western Cape Rowing.

More than 300 rowers and their supporters will descend on Knysna for two days of racing, showcasing some of the top rowing talent in South Africa.